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Use Emotion to Get More Leads from Your Website

Posted by Vibeke Foss | July 3, 2018 | Comments (7)

Are you lost on how to get more leads through your website? It’s all about connecting with your visitors’ emotions!

Creating an emotional response in your website visitors affects how many pages they view and how long they stay. In this article, I will share how you can set emotion in motion on your own website.

First, think about what kind of information gets your attention among all other information online. Have you ever experienced the following when you visit a website?

  • You are excited about finding that particular website
  • You feel like reading all of the pages
  • You feel you could potentially work with the person who is providing the services

Why did that happen? It was most likely because the website talked about a problem or situation you could relate to and that you would have liked to have a solution to.

If you prepare your content with your potential clients’ emotions in mind, they will have this experience when they visit your website.

There are three pages where it’s important to create an emotional response and communicate specific messages:

  • Homepage – I know what your problem is and what you feel right now
  • About page – I can relate to your story and this is why I’m passionate about helping you
  • Service/Work with Me page – This is how I’m going to solve your problem and make you feel better


When people come to your homepage, you want your visitors to feel they have come to the right place. You want to assure them that you know their situation and especially their feelings around their problem.

An emotional response is created when your key messages trigger reactions like “Yes, that’s exactly my problem” or “Yes, that’s exactly what I feel.” After you have achieved a reaction like that—making them feel that you really understand—then they are so much more willing to keep reading, to listen to your solutions and to want to stay in touch.

After you have achieved the initial connection with your visitor and have their attention, it’s all about keeping it. This is where your story and personality go a long way!

About Page

The About page is usually the second most visited page on a website. People want to know who is behind the scenes. Yes, diplomas and facts are good for credibility, but what makes people really connect with you, and what they want to see, is something about you as a person. This is especially true when we talk about coaching. Your clients will work with you over a period of time and share with you very personal information about their situation, feelings, hopes, etc., so they need to feel good about you, like you and trust you.

Here are some tips on what to include on the About page to create that emotional response:

  • Show your personality! People want to get a feeling of who you are. Write in first person and use words that are natural for you to use when you talk.
  • Share your values, your why and your passion. Potential clients want to learn information that makes them like you, and it’s always nice to meet someone who has the same values as you and who is genuine about why they do what they do.
  • Tell your story! Maybe you have been in their situation and have overcome the same problem. Maybe something in your life situation has fired up your passion for helping people in this particular area. They want to be assured that you can relate to how they feel. The quote from Success Coach Victoria Hockaday’s blog post says it just right: “Being open and vulnerable gives your clients permission to be themselves.” It takes some guts but try not to be too reserved about sharing your personal experiences.

Service/Work with Me Page

Visitors who have liked what they have seen so far, and are looking for someone to help them, are very likely to look at your Service page/Work with Me page. On this page, before diving into the details of your services, start with a couple of sentences that remind them that they are in the right place. Write a few words about their situation and what they want to achieve. This will connect with them again. Then mention what they will achieve by working with you. What will they feel after you have helped them? Make them visualize it. It will make them want to consider reading more about your solutions.

What are you waiting for? Start connecting through emotions, and you will be excited to see an increase in the leads that come from your website.

Vibeke Foss

Vibeke Foss

Vibeke Foss is the founder of Gorgeous Geek - Web Design & Online Business Consulting. She builds professional websites for female coaches and entrepreneurs, guiding them on how to create website content and strategies that convert visitors into clients. She also supports female entrepreneurs with free techy tips and business inspiration in her online community Biz Ladies.

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Additionally, for the purpose of full disclosure and as a disclaimer of liability, this content was possibly generated using the assistance of an AI program. Its contents, either in whole or in part, have been reviewed and revised by a human. Nevertheless, the reader/user is responsible for verifying the information presented and should not rely upon this article or post as providing any specific professional advice or counsel. Its contents are provided “as is,” and ICF makes no representations or warranties as to its accuracy or completeness and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law specifically disclaims any and all liability for any damages or injuries resulting from use of or reliance thereupon.

Comments (7)

  1. Elena says:

    This is such a great article! I’m super motivated to go over my website and start rewriting emotion into my information!

  2. María says:

    Great and useful article! Emotions = triggers! Thank you

  3. Thank you for inspiring me for my website reshaping. Your article makes me feel confident in leading this transformation, and make my website even more inspiring.

  4. Vibeke says:

    So happy to hear it motivated you Elena. Would love to see the result! 🙂

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