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A Week-long Celebration: International Coaching Week in Nigeria

Posted by Akua Nyame-Mensah | May 21, 2019 | Comments (8)

Monday: Unlocking Potential – Bringing Self-Awareness to the Coaching Process

International Coaching Week (ICW) in Nigeria started with an informative webinar that focused on helping coaching clients build self-awareness using psychometric assessments. The webinar was presented by Kirsty Pott of the South African company JvR Academy.

Starting with the meta, the facilitator introduced the ICF Nigeria Chapter to an assessment that focused on entrepreneurial potential and disruptive talent.  Next, the facilitator spoke about an emotional intelligence and EQ-i assessment.  The Hogan assessment was next, and Pott highlighted how it speaks to potential, challenge and values.

Finally, Pott described the MBTI and how it could be used for various coaching topics, including leadership, decision making, conflict and managing others.  Pott ended the presentation by reminding everyone that assessments are only a tool and that “a solid understanding of the individual can help coaches better harness the strengths of their clients to more effectively change and develop to be the best that they can be.” A total of 30 coaches were able to attend the webinar and receive a certificate of participation.

Tuesday: Who Needs A Coach? Visit to Beiersdorf

On Tuesday, five ICF Nigeria Chapter members visited the FMCG company Beiersdorf.  Toyin Ademola started the visit with a presentation on coaching and the positive impact coaching can have on careers and personal lives.  After the presentation, several members of the Beiersdorf team received coaching from chapter members. In total, 15 members of the office received coaching.  After the sessions, the office expressed interest in wanting to continue to receive coaching.

Thursday: Coaching for Organizational Efficiency University of Ibadan

Five chapter members introduced coaching to University of Ibadan Head of Departments and other staff members.  The first set of presentations were with the entire group of over 65 participants.  The chapter members gave the following presentations: Samson Umurhurhu spoke on “Who Needs a Coach,” Adaora Ayoade focused on “Coaching as a Leadership Tool,” and finally, Adeyanju Olomola talked about a case study on coaching for organizational efficiency.

After lunch, three parallel breakout sessions were held:

  • Samson Umurhurhu facilitated emotional intelligence
  • A decision-making group was led by Akua Nyame-Mensah
  • Sunny Enebi presented on problem solving

During the breakout sessions, the facilitators introduced coaching to the participants and allowed them to experience coaching in a group setting. Once again, participants expressed a keen interest in learning more about coaching and having the opportunity to be coached again.

Thursday: My Coffee Pro Bono Coaching

Twenty-three people were coached in this year’s pro bono coaching cafe done in partnership with the company My Coffee.  Eleven coaches were involved in the pro bono sessions located at the Victoria Island branch of the coffee shop.  Feedback from those who participated in the coaching was positive.

akua nyame mensah headshot

Akua Nyame-Mensah

Akua Nyame-Mensah is a strategic advisor and coach with startup executive experience. She consults with companies to help them scale, and she coaches individuals to help them gain clarity so they can confidently accomplish their goals.  Akua leverages her multicultural background, unique leadership experience (most recently, four years as a regional manager at the African-based tech unicorn Jumia), coaching training and knowledge of psychometric assessments to deliver insightful presentations and facilitate conversations to move people forward. Akua has a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a leadership-focused MBA from the African Leadership University and completed her coach training at TBA Consults.

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Additionally, for the purpose of full disclosure and as a disclaimer of liability, this content was possibly generated using the assistance of an AI program. Its contents, either in whole or in part, have been reviewed and revised by a human. Nevertheless, the reader/user is responsible for verifying the information presented and should not rely upon this article or post as providing any specific professional advice or counsel. Its contents are provided “as is,” and ICF makes no representations or warranties as to its accuracy or completeness and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law specifically disclaims any and all liability for any damages or injuries resulting from use of or reliance thereupon.

Comments (8)

  1. George Muya Nuthu says:

    Celebrating ICF Nigeria for their 2019 ICW events! KEEP IT UP!

    George from Kenya.

  2. How far?

    Wow what a great summary..it sounded like a very organized and inspiring event.

    Well done

  3. info@rachelpetero.com says:

    Kia ora Akua from New Zealand,
    Congratulations on your success. I am interested if you have any research or case studies of ethnic / Indigenous communities accessing coaching in community? I am Indigenous Maori of New Zealand building capability and capacity of Indigenous coaches to serve 100,000 Indigenous communities.
    Thank you
    Rachel Petero

    • ak.ua.n.m@gmail.com says:

      Hi Rachel! I do not have any research or case studies on your subject, unfortunately. It sounds like you are working on amazing things though! Thank you for your message.

  4. Uche Kelechi says:

    It looks like an organized event. Well done and congratulations on your success.

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