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White Papers

Based on cutting-edge coaching science and industry research, ICF’s white papers are designed to help coach practitioners better understand the issues that impact them and find solutions to their professional challenges.

  • Referring a Client to Therapy

    This guide is a resource for coaches to understand when and how to refer a client to a mental health or other helping professional when the client’s needs are outside a coach’s competencies.

    A one-page reference guide for when and how to refer a client accompanies the white paper.

  • How Coaches Spend Their Time

    Beyond the actual coaching session, there are many additional tasks that coaches carry out in order to maintain a successful coaching practice, such as marketing, operational and administrative duties.

    The International Coach Federation conducted a job analysis for both internal and external coach practitioners in two phases: a qualitative analysis and a quantitative survey.

    The study found that while both groups are focused on client-related tasks, internal coaches spend a significant amount of time seeking support from their superiors and ensuring the program is aligned with organizational goals and strategy. For external coaches, the client remains more of a focus in all of the tasks they do.

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