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Renew Your Lapsed Credential

If your ICF Credential expired on or before December 31, 2017, it is fully expired. Please immediately discontinue use of the ICF Credential logo on all promotional materials (e.g., email signatures, brochures, personal websites, business cards) and remove all references to holding an ICF Credential from your promotional materials, social media profiles, etc.

Without an active ICF Credential you are not eligible to serve as a Mentor Coach for coaches applying for an ICF Credential. If you are an ICF Member, you have also been removed from the Credentialed Coach Finder, and your ICF Credential will no longer appear in our Verify a Coach tool.

At this time, in order to hold an ICF Credential you are required to submit a new credential application rather than completing a credential renewal application.

Please contact ICF Vanessa Noorani at with any questions.

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