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ICF Mentor Coach Registry Listings

Thank you for your interest in the ICF Mentor Coach Registry. This registry is intended to serve as a resource to assist current and prospective ICF Credential-holders in their selection of a high-quality Mentor Coach. Those listed on this registry understand and agree to follow the ICF definition of Mentor Coaching and use accepted best practices in their work.

To be listed in the registry you must:

  • Be an ICF Global Member in good standing
  • Have held an ICF Credential for a minimum of three years
  • Pass the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) (if not previously passed as a part of the credentialing process)
  • Agree to follow the ICF definition of Mentor Coaching
  • Agree to all terms and conditions and use accepted best practices in their work
  • Pay an annual listing fee of $50 USD

Listing on this registry is for a period of one year and requires an application/listing fee of $50 USD. Mentor Coaches may renew their listing by meeting requirements in place at the time of renewal.

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