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Chapter Leader Resources

Whether new to ICF leadership or a seasoned veteran, the Chapter Leader Resource Library is the source for materials and resources ICF Chapter leaders need. Check back to view the streamlined Resource Library.

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Business Card
Download the ICF branded business cards.

Chapter Board Leadership Transition Form
Complete this form with an updated list of Chapter Board Leaders and submit the completed document to your Regional Development Manager.

Chapter Dispute Resolution Process
Download the form for the dispute process.

ICF Chapter Press Release Template
Fill out the form for press releases.

ROI and Engagement of Membership
Download the PowerPoint for engaging members.

Membership Renewal Guide
Download the 2018 Membership Renewal Guide containing the Toolkit.

  • International Coaching Week (ICW) 2018 Toolkit

    Download Chapter Leader Guide (PDF)

    Download Templates (.ZIP)
    Includes templates for email to ICF Chapter Members, event email, media alert, request for proclamation, sponsorship outreach, tweets and facebook posts, and web content. Available in English only.

    Download Graphics (.ZIP)- choose language below
    Includes email banner, powerpoint template, Experience Coaching graphic.


    What is Coaching? video
    Unlock Your Potential whitepaper (PDF)
    Coaching 101 presentation slides (PPT)

  • Chapter Activity Reports

    All ICF Charter Chapters and Chapters are required to submit a Chapter Activity Report annually in order to comply with their Charter Chapter or Chapter Agreement. The reporting process is an opportunity to reflect on your Chapter’s successes and challenges throughout this calendar year.

    As you prepare your report, you may find it helpful to consider these markers for high-performing Chapters and how your Chapter has demonstrated them over the last year:

    • Creates an attractive, credible presence and voice for professional coaching and ICF in local communities
    • Exhibits the following qualities of a high-performing Chapter:
      • Agile (responsive, nimble, active)
      • Adaptable (flexible, malleable, adjustable)
      • Accountable (accepts responsibility for authority granted)
      • Sustainable (stable, maintainable, defensible)
      • Caring (kind, thoughtful, compassionate)
      • Innovative (pioneering, inventive)
      • Relevant (significant, pertinent, applicable)
    • Creates sustainable governance–Creates a robust governance environment that significantly improves performance and streamlines the fulfillment of the ICF Strategic Plan
    • Ensures financial viability–Develops and maintains a sustainable, robust financial infrastructure within the Chapter that:
      • Supports the ICF Strategic Plan
      • Ensures immediate and long-term financial viability of the ICF Chapter
      • Identifies financial exposure and risk and mitigates when necessary
      • Provides a consistent approach to the allocation of resources
      • Defines and manages culture–Builds a coaching culture in which the ICF Chapter walks the talk; where the development of the organization is inextricably linked with the development of individuals within it
    • Ensures infrastructure–To maintain and build upon our infrastructure in ways that welcome collaboration, effective resource allocation and an accountability structure that enables the fulfillment of the ICF Strategic Plan

    Chapter Activity Reports will be submitted via ICF’s online platform. Please note that you may not submit the Chapter Activity Reporting worksheet provided below.

    The Chapter Activity Reporting period is now closed. If you have not already done so, your Chapter is still required to submit an Activity Report. However, it will not be considered for Chapter Recognition consideration.


    Please contact your Regional Support Team with any questions.

  • 2016 Chapter Recognition Honorees Webinars

    This webinar series features the 2016 ICF Chapter Recognition honorees recognized at the 2017 Global Leadership Forum (GLF), and their stories and initiatives that earned them this designation. Each webinar includes 45 minutes of programming where the chapter tells their story, along with 15 minutes of live Q&A from the audience.

    July 26, 2017: ICF Minnesota Charter Chapter
    ICF Minnesota nearly tripled their membership last year! As a Chapter, they were recognized at GLF for meeting ICF’s criteria for high-performing chapters. Specifically, ICF Minnesota created sustainable governance by implementing a mentor coach program for board members and potential board members. Listen to how these creative initiatives brought healing and health to their board after a challenging time. ICF Minnesota also created a culture of caring by launching a new Leadership and Coaching for Social Transformation initiative to create new member-initiated projects that partner with other entities to create lasting social change.

    June 22, 2017: ICF Los Angeles Charter Chapter
    ICF Los Angeles delivers virtual programming to an astounding 3,000 people a year! As a Chapter, they were recognized at GLF as a high performing chapter for their programming, community outreach, local Coaching Cafes, and Executive panels that connect coaches with organizations. In addition to their large virtual programming, ICF Los Angeles has branched out and created several partnerships and sponsorship opportunities within their community. Recently they hosted their first annual Talent Summit which included partnerships with organizations like the Association for Talent Development and the Professionals In Human Resources Association.

    August 8, 2017: ICF Raleigh Charter Chapter
    ICF Raleigh is a two-time Chapter Recognition honoree! ICF Raleigh expanded their membership approach to create an initiative called “Operation Embrace” that looks at membership renewal as an ongoing, sustainable process rather than just a renewal season. This team effort involved leadership and membership ambassadors to make members feel welcomed, supported and connected throughout the year. To harness their immense Chapter growth, they fostered intentional personal development among their leadership team. And they are delivering what members want—including the expansion of their popular “Cutting Edge Conversations” program.

  • Marketing Flyers

    Unlock Your Potential (What is Coaching?)

    English: Digital Flyer | 8.5×11 Print | A4 Print

    German: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Spanish: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Create Positive Change (Become a Coach)

    English: Digital Flyer | 8.5×11 Print | A4 Print

    French: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    German: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Portuguese: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Spanish: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Get Connected (Join ICF)

    English: Digital Flyer | 8.5×11 Print | A4 Print

    French: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    German: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Portuguese: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Spanish: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Continue Your Journey (Earn a Credential)

    English: Digital Flyer | 8.5×11 Print | A4 Print

    French: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    German: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Portuguese: Digital Flyer

    Spanish: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Drive Meaningful Change (Build a Coaching Culture)

    English: Digital Flyer | 8.5×11 Print

    French: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    German: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Portuguese: Digital Flyer | A4 Print

    Spanish: Digital FlyerA4 Print

  • Chapter Recognition Webinars

    In partnership with our global public relations partner, Stanton Communications, ICF is offering a series of webinars to help ICF Chapters raise the profile of professional coaching in their communities.

    This series of public relations (PR) webinars was designed for ICF Chapter Leaders and, in particular, Chapter board members responsible for communications and marketing functions.

    2017 webinar topics will include:

    • Public relations for events, with a focus on International Coaching Week
    • Promoting white papers
    • Sharing industry research findings with media outlets and the public
  • GLF 2017 Recordings

  • ICF Brand Manual

  • 2016 PR Webinar

  • Local Prism Award Program Toolkit

  • Media Training Videos

  • 2016 Member Value Survey Summary

  • Q&A from GLF 2016

  • Chapter Leader Ethical Guidelines

  • Event Calendar Posts

  • PR Toolkit

  • ICF Chapters & Communities of Practice

    CF Chapters and Communities of Practice (CP) can apply for Continuing Coach Education (CCE) approval for meetings using the links to the applications below:

    Questions regarding CCE approval for ICF Communities of Practice can be directed to Lauren Magee.

    Questions regarding CCE approval for ICF Chapters can be directed to Maria Lester.

    If interested in CCE accreditation for a program and not an ICF Chapter or CP, please refer to the standard CCE accreditation information.

  • Logo Artwork Request

    ICF supports Chapters’ marketing efforts by providing properly sized/formatted logos for Chapters to use in producing their own marketing materials. Please complete the form below to submit your request for logos.

  • Branded Collateral Order Form

    ICF Chapter Leaders can order pens and sticky notes to distribute at Chapter and local events. Order these materials using the form below.

  • ICF Code of Ethics

    ICF has taken the lead in developing a definition and philosophy of coaching and establishing ethical standards among its members. Through its own Code of Ethics, Ethical Conduct Review Process, Program Complaint Process and Independent Review Board (IRB), ICF sets professional coaching standards while also giving consumers a venue to file ethics complaints about ICF Members, ICF Credential-holders or ICF-accredited training programs. Choose the language below to download the ICF Code of Ethics.

    English | French | German | Portuguese | Spanish


  • Trade Show Grant Application

    The Trade Show Grant program provides support to ICF Chapters that have identified trade shows at which it would be strategically beneficial to exhibit, but may lack the financial resources to do so. In addition to offsetting the fees associated with exhibiting at a trade show, ICF Global empowers grant recipients with staff support, education and marketing materials to help ensure that their exhibit is a success.

  • ICF Chapter Agreements

    Examples of the ICF Chapter and Chartered Chapter agreements are available for download below.

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