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ICF International Prism Award for Organizations

Since 2005, the International Prism Award program has celebrated businesses and organizations that have built strong coaching cultures to demonstrate the positive effects of coaching. This award sets an organization apart from others and differentiates the quality of its achievements, performance and results. Whether you are an internal or an external coach, you may nominate an organization that you work with.  To be considered for this award, a business or organization must:

  • Fulfill rigorous professional standards
  • Address key strategic goals
  • Shape organizational culture
  • Yield discernible and measurable positive impacts

The nomination period for the 2022 Prism Award for Organizations is now closed. Award winners and more information will be posted here when available.

About the Prism Award

  • Eligibility

    In order to be eligible for this award, both the organization and nominating coach must meet the criteria outlined below. All nominations must be submitted online and in English.

    • Beginning in 2022, the ICF will accept submissions from an organization or an individual division within an organization. If only a division of an organization applies, please attach confirmation that the HQ/head of the organization is aware of this submission.
    • The organization will be nominated by an external or internal coach who holds a current ICF Credential and has delivered coaching in the organization.
    • The organization must have started implementing the Coaching initiative before January 1, 2021, and the process must have lasted a minimum of one year.
    • The nomination shows that employees in the organization benefit from the Coaching Culture through direct Coaching and/or working with a manager/leader who uses coaching skills.
    • Coaching education organizations or organizations providing external coach practitioners to organizations or individuals are not eligible for the Prism Award.
    • If requested, during the nomination review process, the nominating coach and/or coaching sponsor will provide additional/clarifying information about the nomination.
    • The organization, its leaders, and its public relations team are willing and able to publicly share information (that will be previously agreed upon) that points to the success of the coaching initiative (e.g., annual revenue, return on investment data, employee engagement, and retention data.)
    • The data shared in the nomination to demonstrate the impact of coaching will be available for ICF to share in press releases, case studies, and more.
    • The organization has not been an ICF International Prism Award winner or honorable mention recipient in the past five years (unless a completely new Coaching program in the same organization is submitted)
  • Nomination Resources

    To assist with the nomination process, ICF has provided the 2022 International Prism Award for Organizations Scoring Rubric to use as a reference, as well as a sample of the nomination form for use as a worksheet. Both are available to download below. Please note that submission of this worksheet does not constitute a formal nomination of an organization. To be considered, all nominations must be submitted online and in English.

  • Nomination Process

    Watch the video below to understand the entire nomination process for the International Prism Award, facilitated by Awards Director Stephanie Norris.

  • Local Programs

    Some ICF Chapters and regional groups also honor local organizations with Prism Awards each year. Please contact your local Chapter for more information.

    If you are an ICF Chapter Leader interested in launching a local Prism Award program, contact ICF Awards Director Stephanie Norris at

2021 Prism Award Honorees

ICF has named two winners of the 2021 International Prism Award:

TD Bank Group – North American Contact Centre – TD Bank Group has offered coaching to colleagues since 2019 and effectively developed a multi-phased Coaching Ecosystem program which defines a flexible and achievable coaching program that creates space and time for leaders to connect 1:1 with colleagues to foster a culture of care, growth and impact. The program has resulted in improved employee engagement, well-being, and goal attainment. TD Bank Group testimonials from its coaching recipients demonstrate the outstanding impact of its program, both individually and across the organization. Read the Case Study.

Tata Consultancy Services – Tata Consultancy Services utilized coaching in a highly effective way, by providing it to all employees throughout the pandemic, across its global presence. This initiative also resulted in over 6,000 employees receiving training in coaching skills. Tata’s coaching led to increased levels of workplace engagement and well-being, including decreased stress, increased resilience and goal achievement. Read the Case Study.

In addition to these two organizations, this year ICF also recognized a Special Response to COVID Pandemic Honorable Mention. This has been awarded to F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Roche Italia and the Global Rare Conditions Teams for their notable response during these challenging times.

You can read the full press release for 2021 award winners here. When available, case studies on these organizations will be posted here.

Past Honorees

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