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ICF Business Solutions and Media Partners offer members discounts or special pricing on products and services. ICF Members can take advantage of partner offers when they are logged in.

  • Annuity Managers Agency, LLC

    Voluntary Life and Health plans have been purchased by ICF members through Annuity Managers Agency, LLC for nearly two decades! We offer an off-exchange National Group Health Plan PPO, Individual and Group Life, Dental and Vision plans, Individual and Group Long-Term Disability plans, Individual Disability Buy-Out and Disability Overhead Expense insurance, Individual Long-Term Care Health insurance, Individual Asset Based Long-Term Care Insurance, Whole Life insurance, Universal Life insurance, Index Universal Life insurance & Term Life insurance, International Medical and Travel Accident insurance, Traditional & Fixed Index Guaranteed Retirement Annuities, Buy-Sell Funding, Key-Man insurance, Life Settlements and more!

    ICF Member Benefit: Opportunity to join exclusive group health plan for ICF Members

  • Assessments 24X7

    Assessments 24×7 is the industry leader of white-labeled, validated assessments for coaches and corporate trainers. Membership includes unlimited team and group reports, unlimited DISC comparison reports, trainer and workshop materials, sales and marketing one-sheets, assessment demos and more.

    ICF Member Benefit: Free Assessments 24×7 membership and white-labeled online dashboard; access to wholesale-priced assessments and self-paced online certifications


  • Assessments International Inc.

    Assessments International Inc. is the global distributor for The PROFILOR®, the most widely used multi-rater instrument in the world. Researched-based and relevant to the demands of today’s workforce, The PROFILOR® Family of 360 Instruments measure the competencies and behaviors critical for success. The PROFILOR® Family creates insight and facilitates action.

    ICF Member Benefit: 20% Discount off of Retail Price

  • AudioAcrobat

    AudioAcrobat is a highly addictive cloud-based media creation, broadcast and distribution service. Thousands of individuals, groups, companies and corporations use AudioAcrobat daily to record calls and create podcasts, video and more. Simple, easy-to-learn, knockout features; world-class training and fast-response support sum up the AudioAcrobat experience.

    ICF Member Benefit: Six months of AudioAcrobat for $99 USD after a 30-day free trial

  • The Coaching Tools Company

    If you need brandable, customizable resources to help your clients get clarity, experience self-discovery and achieve their goals, The Coaching Tools is for you. Save time and add immense value to clients with more than 100 ready-to-use coaching tools, toolkits, forms and exercises, plus 30 small-business-coaching-specific forms.

    ICF Member Benefit: 20% off the Welcome Pack Toolkit; 10% off all other purchases

  • CoachingWebsites

    CoachingWebsites specializes in creating websites that are engaging, professional, cost-effective, and extremely simple to maintain, and help coaches successfully market and manage their practice online. CoachingWebsites packages include everything that’s needed for a professional online presence.

    ICF Member Benefit: Receive one month free when you sign up

  • Genos International

    Genos EI assessments measure the emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors that underlie success. The Genos EI Certification Program will make you an expert in applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Learn from experts who develop and apply emotional intelligence with Fortune 500 companies every day.

    ICF Member Benefit: 20% discount on certification program; 30% discount on end-user pricing of Genos EI Assessments

  • Harrison Assessments

    Harrison Assessments is a global force in predictive talent analytics for HR. Our unique questionnaire design measures 175 workplace factors against job-specific performance requirements in only 20 minutes. The benchmark for coaches who are interested in data driven insights and targeted development in the workplace.

    ICF Member Benefit – 15% off accreditation training

  • Hogan Assessments

    Hogan Assessments, a global leader in executive solutions and leadership development, provides coaches and consultants with personality assessments that help in identifying talent, developing people, and evaluating leadership potential. Coaches consistently report that Hogan delivers the focus and impartiality necessary for establishing actionable development plans, strategic self-awareness, and sustainable change.

    ICF Member Benefit:

    • 15% discount on the following workshops:

      • 2-Day Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop

      • 1-Day Hogan Advanced Interpretation Certification

      • 1-Day Hogan Advanced Feedback Certification

      • 3-Day Hogan Assessment Certification + Advanced Interpretation Workshop

      • 3-Day Hogan Assessment Certification + Advanced Feedback Workshop

      • 4-Day Hogan Assessment Certification + Advanced Interpretation Workshop + Advanced Feedback Workshop

  • Klaxoon

    Klaxoon is the meeting revolution and full suite of apps that radically improves teamwork efficiency. The need for collaboration and time spent in meetings has skyrocketed with modern and mobile work practices. Klaxoon provides the first real alternative to change the way meetings are conducted! Our users say they get 100% participation in meetings, 10 times more ideas, take 3 to 4 times more decisions and halve their meeting time. In 3 years, Klaxoon has been adopted by 1,000,000 users in thousands of teams of all sizes, in any kind of organizations, including 10% of the Fortune 500.

    ICF Member Benefit:

    • 10% discount on Klaxoon

  • Six Seconds

    T​​he Vital Signs organizational model provides a powerful framework for improving people-side performance, ideal for business coaches to focus leaders on ​climate and show ROI. The model drives an integrated suite of assessments that coaches use to deliver organizational development and leadership coaching by quantifying team and organizational climate and measuring the leadership capabilities that create a context for improved performance. Vital Signs are published by Six Seconds, the global nonprofit translating the science of emotion and neuroscience into practical tools.

    ICF Member Benefit: 15% off Vital Signs Certification (earn 27.75 ICF CCEs) + 15% off your first purchase of the Vital Signs tools


  • Staples

    Staples Business Advantage is your total solution for office products, technology products and facilities and breakroom supplies. What’s more, Staples Business Advantage offers fast and free delivery on orders $30 USD or more, so your order is always there when you need it.

    ICF Member Benefit: Special product pricing negotiated by ICF

  • TranscribeMe

    TranscribeMe provides high-quality transcription and translation services to coaches and consultants. TranscribeMe’s services exceed the most demanding expectations for both excellent quality and fast turnaround, all at great prices.

    ICF Member Benefit: 20% discount

  • videoBIO Coach

    Take your coaching practice to the next level of innovation with videoBIOCoach. Engage clients with live video coaching and test their people skills with videoBIOCoach. The only video-first coaching platform designed for teaching, training, coaching, and testing, featuring live, recordable, and shareable interactive video sessions. Follow-up video exercises, lessons, homework and tests to keep clients on track while practicing their skills and building on what they learn. Stay in touch with your clients between sessions and coach while you sleep.

    ICF Member Benefit: First two months free.

  • Westminster Insurance

    Westminster Insurance offers professional liability insurance and essential business insurance for professional coaches and ICF Members in the U.S., Canada, UK and the Republic of Ireland. The coverage is underwritten by high-quality insurers and is available at very competitive premiums. Many additional modalities may also be added at no additional cost.

    ICF Member Benefit: Automatic qualification for professional liability insurance (United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland only)

  • Zoom

    Zoom, the cloud meeting company, unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings and mobile collaboration into one easy-to-use platform. Zoom’s standout features include highest quality video, audio and screen sharing and complete mobility—run your meetings from your smartphone or tablet. Zoom works on Mac, PC, iOS, Android and room systems.

    ICF Member Benefit: 10% discount

Media Partners

  • Choice, the magazine of professional coaching

    Choice, the magazine of professional coaching, is a quarterly professional magazine dedicated to the coaching industry. It’s filled with articles, training, news stories and information related to the professional coaching, personal development and business growth industries.

    ICF Member Benefit: 10% discount.

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