ICF Announces Changes for 2014

December 2, 2013

ICF is facing a turning point in growth and development. Since 2006, membership has grown 87 percent, and ICF is poised for continued global expansion and scale. ICF plans to dedicate more human resources in our most rapidly growing regions to support and encourage future growth. It’s crucial for ICF to support its Chapters to ensure all are equally successful. ICF seeks to attract and retain the best coaches in the industry by clearly defining prospective member segments. ICF will implement a value based pricing approach to maintain the brand identity. Effective January 1, 2014, member dues will be raised by $50 USD. 

The increase will better position ICF to serve global markets, and have a stronger financial base for investment in member services. In the last seven years, ICF has added the following member benefits without raising dues: Reciprocal Peer Coaching, improvements to the credentialing and accreditation processes, several ICF industry research reports, the research portal, four Regional Service Centres around the world, awards programs, discounts through the Business Solutions Partners program, the ICF Store, several new live event formats (ICF Advance and ICF Global Conferences), new marketing collateral to help members advocate for coaching, social media communities, and the Leadership Coaching Program, among many others. 

Since 2006, our community has expanded significantly and ICF has continued to add many new benefits. This success adds demands on an organizations resources and infrastructure, and therefore additional revenue will allow ICF to continue to meet the expanding needs of our growing, global community. Additionally, ICF will be implementing new programs in 2014 that add value to the member experience to create a stronger global structure. 

Added value coming to ICF Members in 2014 will include: 

  • Answering your questions and strengthening customer service—ICF is expanding and will soon have five Regional Service Centres around the world! Call or email one of our five Centres and you will be connected with a professional ready to answer membership, credentialing, and training questions. We are here to support you! Look for new languages spoken by our Service Centre professionals. 
  • Offering leadership development for volunteers—The addition of a full-time Director of Chapter Development will provide even more support to our extensive network of volunteers. Members, your leaders will gain a firsthand knowledge of how to run the chapter even more effectively, thereby freeing more of their time for a closer relationship with you. Chapter leaders, you will gather for workshops to learn about best practices and strategic visioning. 
  • Providing you with research to improve your practice and recruit more clients—Members requested more science of coaching research and we are hiring a full-time professional to curate that information and deliver it to you so you can better inform your clients about the theories and science that strengthen coaching. This is an addition to our already robust market research agenda. This information helps you compare your practice to your colleagues and peers all over the world and gives you tips about what the purchasers of coaching are looking for. 
  • Growing your community—ICF is committed to increasing member recruitment efforts through robust email marketing campaigns. We want to attract and retain the best coaches in the industry. It means that our community will be even more diverse and networking opportunities even more attractive. And, as a unified ICF, we will have a stronger voice and influence on shaping the future of coaching around the world. 

Comments or questions may be sent to icfheadquarters@coachfederation.org.