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Membership Renewal Season 

The ICF 2018 Membership Renewal Season begins tomorrow, February 6. As an ICF Chapter Leader, you play a major role in ensuring the success and growth of ICF. Please encourage your Chapters to renew their ICF Memberships at

In support of your efforts, we have prepared the 2018 Membership Renewal Season Chapter Leader Guide. It contains marketing materials and communication templates, strategies for communicating the value of ICF Membership, our 2017 renewal communications calendar, and more.

Download the 2018 Renewal Season Guide

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    My journey at ICF
    Since I joined the ICF, my professional development as a Coach is tremendous. I made in these years several friends in other countries with other coaches. The exchange of information about how is going the industry of coaching in different regions of the world. Moreover, the fantastic opportunity to participate in training in other countries. In this sense, I participated in activities in cities like Cleveland, Minneapolis, Washington, Kansas in which I could develop my professional skills and learn new techniques of how best to position myself in the market. I strongly encourage you to associate to the ICF.

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