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ICF Business Development Series

The ICF Business Development Series (BDS) is a learning experience designed to help you build, sustain, and expand a successful coaching practice. Whether you’re a budding coach shaping your practice or a seasoned professional poised for expansion, BDS 2024 is your catalyst for business transformation.

Join renowned brand expert and CEO of Reach Personal Branding, William Arruda, as he personally guides you through this virtual series.

This year’s offering is highly customizable. Select the course that works best for you based on your interests and experience level – or register for both! Choose from: 

  • Core is designed for coaches who are establishing their practice. 
  • Advanced is designed for seasoned coaches who have an established practice and are looking to grow their business in new areas or pivot their practice entirely.  

You can earn 9 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units in Resource Development for each course — no matter if you attend live or choose the on-demand option. 

Course Options

Customize Your Learning.

  • Core For coaches who are establishing their practice.

    Build your brand. Tell your story. Build your business.

    Earn 9 CCE units.

  • Advanced For seasoned coaches with an established practice.

    Design new products. Optimize your business model.

    Earn 9 CCE units.

Course Schedule

Course & Format Dates Purchase
Core - On-Demand Available Now Purchase Now
Advanced - Live June 4-6 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (New York) Register
Advanced - On-Demand Available in July Pre-Order


Registration Period ICF Member Price Non-Member Price
Standard $500.00 USD $550.00 USD

More Learning, More Savings 

You can save when you purchase both Core and Advanced (in either live or on-demand format)! Simply add both courses to your shopping cart and then use the promo code BDS24SAVE at checkout. ICF members will save 25%, and non-members will save 20%. 

More About BDS 24: Courses and Formats

Join renowned brand expert and CEO of Reach Personal Branding, William Arruda, as he personally guides you through this virtual series. Customize your learning with two course options — Core and Advanced — and two format options for Advanced Course — live and on-demand. Each course will include guest lecturers, presentations, a course manual, and a resource guide/annotated bibliography.


Live: June 4-6 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (New York)
On-demand: available in July (pre-order available now)

Advanced will help you scale your established practice and pivot into new areas of specialty for heightened success as a more experienced coach. Learn the intricacies of defining and refining your intellectual property and creating a growth strategy using the innovative four-box model. Identify new products, delivery models, and audiences, all while exploring growth activities that amplify your thought leadership. Plus, learn about generative AI and how it can revolutionize your marketing, broaden your offerings, boost efficiency, and future-proof your practice.

You will learn how to: 

  • Design New Coaching Products.
  • Optimize Your Business Model.
  • Stand Out with Video Communications.
  • And much more!

Also Available in an On-Demand, Self-Study Format 

Experience flexibility and learning at your own pace with the on-demand format. Maximize your investment by choosing a convenient learning experience that you can return to at any time.  

If you have registered for an on-demand course, you will receive email notification when it is available to access. Access to the Advanced on-demand course will be available in late June-early July.  

Advanced Session Descriptions

  • Day 1: Setting the Scene - Assessing Your Practice and Aspirations

    Brand Your Process – Document Your Intellectual Property 

    Successful coaches create proprietary tools—frameworks, models, and processes—that enable clients to reach their goals. These creations become your intellectual property, distinguishing you from other coaches, enhancing your offerings, and opening new business opportunities. This session will guide you in identifying your intellectual property and leveraging it as a distinct advantage for your practice. 

    Inventory Your Assets 

    Beyond intellectual property, your practice is rich with assets, such as your client base, prospect list, business partners, and created content. Assess these resources to determine which will most effectively support your growth goals and devise a strategy to capitalize on them. 

    Evaluate Your Existing Client Experience 

    Assess the strength and consistency of your practice’s brand. Conduct a touchpoint analysis to evaluate the client experience at each milestone, understand brand perception, and plan enhancements to your service model. 

    Evolve Your Practice: Rebrand, Expand, or Pivot 

    The coaching industry is in constant flux, offering opportunities to grow and derive greater satisfaction from your work. Explore innovative mindsets for business evolution and ways to deliver value, from polyworking and rebranding to market expansion and new offerings. Consider whether a strategic pivot is the right move for your practice. 

  • Day 2: Leveraging Technology and Innovation

    Use AI to Increase Your Impact and Efficiency 

    Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, can revolutionize your business development by streamlining tasks. Explore how AI can serve as your muse, content creator, researcher, executive assistant, and marketer, freeing you to focus on what inspires you most. 

    Build a No-cost Salesforce 

    Transforming clients into advocates turns them into a dedicated sales force, extolling your virtues to their networks. Measure your clients’ propensity to advocate for your offerings and learn how to refine your practice to convert clients into enthusiasts who actively promote your services.  

    Make Tech Your Differentiator 

    In our tech-driven world, leveraging technology can significantly enhance your practice’s value and efficiency. Discover five ways to use technology to expand your reach, improve client satisfaction, and increase the joy you find in coaching.  

    Use Video to Engage Your Audience 

    Video is one of your most powerful tools when face-to-face interaction isn’t possible. Learn why video is invaluable for coaches, and discover strategies to use video to distinguish your practice, build business, and deeply engage your target audience effectively. 

  • Day 3: Strategies for Practice Evolution and Growth

    Expand Your Practice 

    Use your intellectual property and other assets to venture into new business domains. Employ the four-box model to identify growth opportunities, assess new audiences, consider alternative delivery methods for your offerings, and prioritize expansion strategies. 


    Grow Your Coaching Practice through Public Speaking 

    Whether to attract business or generate income, mastering public speaking can open doors to new opportunities. Uncover the keys to building a successful speaking career that complements and enhances your coaching business. 

    Grow Your Coaching Practice by Publishing a Book 

    Determine if writing a book is your next step. Books can be powerful sales tools and major credibility builders. Having a book is also helpful in securing speaking opportunities. Learn the different options that are available for publishing and promoting your book. 

    Grow Your Coaching Practice by Expanding Your Social Media Presence 

    Engage prospects by consistently sharing your ideas on social media. Learn to optimize your use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn without becoming consumed by them. Discover a time-efficient method to maintain visibility and value to your audience. 

    Grow Your Coaching Practice by Building a Training Program 

    Convert your expertise into educational programs using available content platforms and various instructional formats. Define the ideal mix of tools and formats that cater to your audience’s needs and align with your teaching style. 


On-demand: Available Now 

Focused on the foundations of business development, Core will equip you with the tools needed to establish and grow a successful coaching practice, allowing you to focus your energy into the heart of your passion — coaching. As a participant, you will define your coaching niche, craft compelling messaging, and implement tools for business growth. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Build Your Brand.
  • Tell Your Story .
  • Build Your Business.

Experience flexibility and learning at your own pace with the on-demand format. Maximize your investment by choosing a convenient learning experience that you can return to at any time.  

Access to the Core on-demand course will be available now.  

Core Session Descriptions

  • Day 1: Gaining Clarity on Your Coaching Business

    Branding, Personal Branding, and Uncovering Your Unique Brand 

    Learn the art of building robust brands and apply the principles of personal branding to create a coaching practice that aligns with your identity and resonates with your target audience. We begin with the initial step of the personal branding process: discovering and articulating your unique brand essence. 

    Unearth the Brand Called You 

    Delve into the six drivers that define your personal brand: Superpowers, Values, Differentiators, Passions, Purpose, and Goals. Through reflective exercises and collaborative activities with fellow participants, clarify these core elements to construct an authentic and magnetic coaching brand. 

    Establish Your Niche and Carve Out Your Unique Space 

    Personal branding isn’t about being famous—it’s about being selectively famous. That means being known in the right circles. Learn to identify your niche and provide unique value to your target audience. We’ll explore strategies to become “selectively famous” within your community. 

    Crafting Your Offering 

    To convert prospects into clients, your offering must resonate with your audience’s needs and aspirations. This session guides you through formulating a service description that attracts and appeals to your ideal clients. 

    Building Your Business Plan 

    Gain insights into the key components of an effective business plan tailored for coaching professionals. Use our business plan template to create a strategic blueprint for your coaching venture. 

  • Day 2: Articulating Your Story Online and Offline

    Evaluating Your Digital Brand Presence 

    Today, first impressions are formed online. When people want to learn about you, they’ll put your name into Google or LinkedIn and see what shows up. In this session, we’ll talk about two cognitive biases that impact what people think about you and the ways you can create an authentic and compelling first impression in the real and virtual worlds. 

    Crafting and Telling Your Story 

    Captivating storytelling is crucial for attracting clients and building your business. Discover the formula for an irresistible elevator pitch and compose a biography that blends credibility with likability, with a special focus on your LinkedIn ‘About’ section. Your LinkedIn About will likely be the most-read version of your bio. 

    Defining Your Visual Brand Identity 

    Your Brand Identity visually communicates your brand essence. This session will outline the elements that comprise your brand identity system and guide you in selecting a visual style that reinforces your unique brand. You’ll also learn how to apply it to all your communications tools. 

    Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile 

    LinkedIn is a powerful platform for engaging with your community. Learn the secrets to crafting a profile that not only draws in your ideal clients but also impresses viewers and ensures that you are easily discoverable by the right people. 

    Designing an Engaging Website 

    Your website acts as your digital storefront, essential for persuading potential clients of your relevance to their needs. Understand what constitutes a compelling website and create a strategy to make your website an effective tool for telling your story and expanding your business. 

  • Day 3: Enhancing Your Visibility and Credibility

    Strengthening Your Network for Greater Exposure 

    Intentional networking is key to growing your business. Develop a networking strategy to build and bolster relationships and enhance your visibility. Learn effective networking techniques and pitfalls to avoid. 

    Leveraging the Sales and Marketing Funnel 

    Understand the ACT-B model—a proven approach to attracting prospects, converting clients, and expanding your business. Identify actionable steps for all four stages of the model to build a client pipeline and maintain connections. 

    Developing Your Communications and Visibility Strategy 

    The three Cs of a strong brand are Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy. This session will show you how to use social media to maintain visibility, determine your messaging, and select platforms for engaging your community. You’ll define your topic and point-of-view and crate a visibility strategy.  

    Social Media Efficiency for Coaches 

    Remaining visible on social media is crucial, yet it shouldn’t monopolize your time. Learn efficient techniques such as content curation, repurposing and scheduling to remain present without the overwhelm. Also learn “The Strawberry Technique” which will help you make each social media post potent and impactful. 

    Formulating Your Business Development Action Plan 

    Learning without action does not deliver results. This final session will assist you in drafting a detailed action plan, ensuring you have actionable steps to build a thriving coaching practice throughout the year. We’ll also talk about techniques for keeping business development activities part of your daily habits.


  • About

    How is BDS 24 different from other business development courses? 

    BDS 24 is designed specifically for coaches. It is focused on the topics and needs of coach practitioners, making all the content accessible and relevant. BDS 24 is built on a proven three-step process that was developed by personal branding pioneer William Arruda and has been used by thousands of coaches around the world.   

    What will be different about BDS 24 from previous ICF Business Development Series courses? 

    Everything. OK, not everything, but a lot. BDS 24 is the most targeted and flexible course we have ever built. It is made up of two independent yet connected courses: Core and Advanced. Each course combines live instruction and interactive activities, and it includes a participant workbook, an accompanying resource guide, videos, and pertinent articles. 

    The live Core course will take place February 20-22, and the live Advanced course will take place June 4-6, allowing you the opportunity to participate in both. 

    Also new for 2024 will be an on-demand, self-study version of each of the two courses.  The on-demand format will have the same (recorded) content as the live version; however, all activities will be conducted independently, rather than facilitated as part of the experience. 

    What is the difference between Core and Advanced? 

    Core is designed for coaches who are establishing their practice and interested in defining their niche and business plan. 

    Advanced is designed for seasoned coaches who have an established practice and are looking to grow their business in new areas (new offerings, audiences and/or delivery methods) or pivot their practice entirely. 

    Is Core a prerequisite for participation in Advanced?  

    Although there is no prerequisite for registering for Advanced, it is designed for coaches who are already established and confident in their business plan. If you are fairly new to coaching, or still working to grow your practice, we recommend taking Core in February before participating in Advanced in June. 

    What are the differences between the live and the on-demand formats of the course? 

    Both Core and Advanced are available in two formats: live and on-demand.  

    The live sessions take place over three days (Core: February 20-22 and Advanced: June 4-6) with 3.5 hours of sessions per day (including a 30-minute break). These sessions are interactive learning and working sessions with other participants. You will leave with outputs you can use right away to achieve your goals.  

    The live version is likely the right choice for you if you enjoy working alongside others, the session times are convenient for you, and you enjoy learning in a focused, intensive environment. 

    The on-demand course allows you to go at your own pace, setting your own schedule and learning goals. If you like to work independently, consider this format.  

    Both versions will have the same learning content, comprehensive workbook, and resources (videos, templates, etc.). 

    I attended a previous BDS, does it make sense for me to register for this one? 

    If you still need support in defining your business and shaping your practice, Core will provide you with a great refresher.  Sometimes it is good to revisit the content with fresh eyes.  

    If you are considering growing your established business into new areas or pivoting to new areas, Advanced will help you with your practice transformation. 

    I am brand new to coaching, should I participate? 

    Core is a great resource for coaches who are either just starting out or are early in their coaching practice.  

    I am an experienced coach. Is this course relevant to me? 

    Advanced was designed for seasoned coaches. It assumes that you already have an established practice and consistent revenue. It is focused on growing and/or transforming your practice. 

    How often does ICF offer this course? 

    The Business Development Series (BDS) can be experience as a live offering biennially. Following BDS 24, the subsequent live series will be held in 2026. The on-demand, self-study version is available on the ICF Learning Portal at any time. 

  • Content

    What learning content and materials will I have access to? 

    In each of the two formats (live and on-demand), you will have access to curated sessions by William Arruda and a comprehensive course workbook where you can record your learning and create your personalized action plan. Also included will be additional resources, videos, templates, and workbooks to help you continue to expand your knowledge and strengthen your business plans.  

    Post-session recordings will also be available for those attending the live event.    

    Will I have access to the materials after the live session ends? 

    Yes. You will have access to the recorded material for a full year from the date the live sessions begin. The workbook and other resource documents are downloads, so you have ongoing access to them. 

  • Registration & Pricing

    What is the cost of BDS 24?  

    Standard registration for all versions of BDS 24 will open on January 16.  The fee for each course is $500 USD for ICF members and $550 USD for non-members. 

    Is there a discount if I sign up for both Core and Advanced? 

    Yes! During the standard registration period (beginning January 16), ICF members who register for both courses will receive a 25% discount on Advanced ($375 USD instead of $500 USD). Non-members will receive a 20% discount ($440 USD instead of $550 USD). This offer only applies during the standard registration period. 

    When does registration end for Core and Advanced? 

    For the live courses, Core registration will close on February 16 and Advanced registration will close on May 31. Registration for the on-demand formats is ongoing. 

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