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Advanced Coaching Methods to Help Clients Succeed in Their Careers

October 19, 2016 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Members: $15.00; Non members $20.00

Learn the advanced coaching methods and tools that have been proven to create measurable results for people in their jobs. In this interactive webinar, Mary and Doug will share the components of effectiveness that have helped their clients get promoted, increase their incomes, and find more stability in their lives.

You will learn how to develop mastery and tackle advanced job challenges so that you can attract and retain more coaching clients. Learn:

How to define effectiveness for your clients with a focus on their job expectations, accountability and business results
Proven tools you can use to create sustainable performance improvement for your clients in work and in life
How to retain coaching clients and get referrals by deepening your relationships with a better understanding of disciplines that are needed for career success
This session will emphasize the core competencies of Creating Awareness, Planning and Goal Setting, and Designing Actions.

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