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Ethics CCE Course

All ICF Credential-holders are required to demonstrate completion of at least three (3) Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units in the area of coaching ethics to be eligible for renewal of their ICF Credentials.

ICF recognizes that there are a variety of avenues to obtain ethics-specific training, including CCE programs and ICF Chapter events. As a special service, ICF Global and the ICF Ethics Community of Practice (CP) have developed a complimentary ethics training course that, upon completion, will guarantee three (3) ethics CCE units. Completion of this course will meet the three (3) CCE units requirement in ethics for ICF Credential Renewal.

NOTE: To provide proof of completion for the ICF Ethics course, you will need to download your transcript from the Learning Portal and upload the transcript to your Renewal Application. Visit the Transcript section of the Learning Portal’s FAQ page for directions on how to download the transcript.

This complimentary ethics course is available in 5 languages.

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