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Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential

For the seasoned and expert Coach looking to evidence their advanced coaching skills, knowledge, and competence.

Coaches who have earned the Master Certified Coach credential have demonstrated mastery of the ICF Core Competencies for coaching and the ICF Code of Ethics.

The MCC distinguishes coaches who demonstrate a depth of knowledge and an ability to apply the core competencies of coaching in full partnership and service to their clients. The MCC is designed for seasoned, expert coaches who provide coaching services as a primary focus of their professional practice and engage in advanced level coaching education throughout their career.

MCC coaches are required to demonstrate their continued professional development to maintain their MCC status.

As of December 31, 2023, there were 2,204 active MCC credential-holders worldwide.


  • 200+ hours of coaching education 
  • 2,500+ hours of coaching experience  
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching with an eligible mentor coach
  • Holds, or previously held, PCC Credential  


  • Successful completion (passing score) of a performance evaluation
  • Successful completion (passing score) of the ICF Credentialing Exam

To apply for the MCC Credential, you must currently hold or have previously held a PCC Credential, in addition to meeting further requirements specific to the MCC Credential.  ICF offers two application paths to obtain the MCC. Explore each application requirement for the MCC Credential below.  

MCC Credential Requirements

  • Education

    Education Requirements & Application Paths 

    At the MCC level, 200 hours of coach-specific education are required. This education may be earned through one or more ICF-accredited or non-accredited programs.   

    Level 3 Path

    Level 3 programs are open to individuals who hold a PCC and have built into their program the education hours and mentor coaching required to earn an ICF MCC Credential. If you have completed a Level 3 program, you will submit your Level 3 certificate, coaching experience hours and recorded coaching sessions for the performance evaluation in your credential application. Once the application review process is complete, you will then take the ICF Credentialing Exam.

    For those who have fully completed and graduated from a Level 3 program, the Level 3 application path should be used. View Sample Level 3 Application.

    Level 3 Path Application Price

    • ICF Member: $675 USD
    • Non-Member: $825 USD

    Estimated Time for Review: 18 weeks

    Portfolio Path

    For non ICF-accredited education, the program curriculum will need to be submitted with robust documentation to ensure the education received meets ICF standards. The other requirements – mentor coaching and recorded coaching sessions for the performance evaluation – will need to be verified separately and must be included in the application, along with the training certificate(s) and coaching experience hours. Then, the ICF Credentialing Exam must be taken. 

    For those who did not complete a Level 3 program, the Portfolio application path must be used to apply for a credential. View Sample Portfolio Application. 

    Portfolio Path Application Price 

    • ICF Member: $675 USD 
    • Non-Member: $825 USD 

    Estimated Time for Review: 18 weeks

  • Experience

    Experience Requirements

    Candidates for the MCC Credential must have at least 2,500 hours of coaching experience as of the time they begin their coach-specific education.* Coaches must complete an attestation of this experience as part of the application. 

    The experience hours must have been with at least 35 clients. Of the 2,500 or more coaching experience hours, at least 2,250 of the hours must be paid. 

    *For this purpose, ICF defines the start of coach-specific education as any course with at least 30 hours of which at least 24 hours are in ICF Core Competencies instruction. Eligible courses can be ICF-accredited or non –ICF-accredited. Please note that all non-accredited programs and CCE-accredited courses are subject to review by ICF as part of the portfolio application path. 

    Visit the Coaching Experience page for more details on experience requirements, including all acceptable coaching experiences and how to document them. You will also find the ICF Coaching Log Template at the bottom of this page, which you may use if you wish. 

  • Mentor Coaching

    Mentor Coaching Requirements

    Candidates on the MCC Portfolio application path must document at least 10 hours of Mentor Coaching on their application. Mentor Coaching hours submitted with an MCC Credential application cannot be the same Mentor Coaching hours applied toward a previous application for the ACC or PCC Credential. Candidates on the Level 3 application path completed Mentor Coaching as part of their Level 3 coaching education program.

    The Mentor Coaching hours must occur over a three-month period or longer. Example: If the first session is March 14, then the last session must be June 14 or after. Of the 10 hours of mentoring, three hours must be one-on-one. The remaining seven hours may be one-on-one or in a group. 

    For the MCC Credential, the Mentor Coach must be a current ICF Credential-holder in good standing at the MCC level. 

    Visit the Mentor Coaching page for more information about mentoring and, if needed, to find a mentor coach.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Performance Evaluation Requirements

    Candidates for the MCC are required to pass a performance evaluation. This evaluation consists of an ICF Assessor’s review of two recorded coaching sessions with transcripts submitted by the applicant.  

    The coaching session must be with a regular client who has hired you as a coach and not in any other capacity and must last between 20-60 minutes.  

    Please visit the Performance Evaluation page for more information, including the requirements for the audio and transcript files and access to the Minimum Skills Requirement.

  • Exam

    Exam Requirements

    All candidates for the MCC credential are required to pass a computer-based written exam administered by ICF Credentials and Standards.

    The ICF Credentialing Exam is a tool designed to measure a coach’s knowledge of and ability to apply the ICF definition of coaching, ICF Core Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics. 

    ICF Credentials and Standards has partnered with Pearson VUE to deliver the new ICF Credentialing Exam. Through its global network of testing centers and OnVUE (Pearson’s online service), candidates may either complete the exam at an on-site Pearson VUE testing center or in their home or office while being monitored by an online proctor. All candidates for an ICF Credential must complete the ICF Credentialing Exam as part of the Credential process.

    Please visit the exam information page to learn more about the exam process, access links to the ICF Core Competencies and Ethics pages, view sample questions and review other resources and information. 

More Credentialing Information

  • MCC Application Path Comparison Chart

    For a visual representation of application paths and the required documentation to be included in each, please visit the Application Path Comparison page.

  • MCC Candidate Guide

    This handbook contains helpful information for those applying for the ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential. Applicants should use this resource as a source of guidance and direction in navigating the ICF Credentialing process.

  • Submission Details

    ICF Credentials and Standards will only accept documentation that has been included with your online application. Do not send documentation by mail or email.  

    Credential applications must be paid in full before they will be considered submitted and placed in line to be reviewed.

    To create your application, please complete the ICF Credential Path Survey.

  • Payment Information

    Credential applications must be paid in full before they will be considered submitted and placed in line to be reviewed.

    Payment Type Options: All major credit cards are accepted online.  If you wish to pay for your application through another method, such as PayPal or Bank Transfer, please reach out to with your request.

    Payment Installments: Applicants have the option to break up the payment into either two or four monthly payments.

    NOTE: The application will not be considered submitted and the application’s review will not begin until the application fee has been paid in full.

    • For applications $300 USD or less, you may opt for two monthly payments.
    • For applications greater than $300 USD, you may choose either two or four monthly payments.

    If you wish to pay for your application in full, then simply skip this question during the payment process for your application.

    Refund Policy: ICF Credential and Credential Renewal applications are non-refundable once submitted. In the event of a medical emergency, ICF may consider a refund minus a $50 administrative fee.

  • Support

    If you have questions or need support regarding the Master Certified Coach Credential or any of the requirements, please visit the ICF Support page.

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