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Credential Path Survey

Thank you for your interest in applying for an ICF Credential. To assist you in your application process, ICF Credentials and Standards has created resources to first identify your coaching education type and then the application path you are eligible to use to apply for an ICF Credential.

Identify Your Coaching Education Program Type

ICF Credentials and Standards offers multiple application paths for coaches to apply for a Credential. The application path you take is dependent upon the accreditation type of the coaching education you received.  

In order to create your Credential application, you will need to identify the ICF Accreditation type of the education you received / program you attended. The ICF Accreditation types are:


Beginning in 2022, your coaching education may also be accredited as one of the following:  

  • Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 

NOTE: To apply for an ICF Credential using a coaching education program(s) that is not accredited by ICF, you must use the Portfolio application path at your designated Credential level. You will see non-ICF accredited as an option when completing the Credential Path Survey.

Need assistance in identifying your coach education program accreditation type? Please review these helpful tips by downloading the PDF below. 

Find Your Application Path and Create Your ICF Credential Application

To identify which application path is right for you and to create your ICF Credential application, complete the Credential Path Survey. The survey results will tell you the credential level and application path for which you are eligible to apply.  

At the conclusion of the survey, you may then either access information about the requirements for the application path you’re eligible for or create your application for the designated ICF Credential and application path. 

NOTE: If you do not already know the accreditation type / level of your coaching education, use the resources in the section above to identify the type of education you receive. This is a critical component of completing the Credential Path Survey correctly and completely.

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