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Chair’s Award

From 2007–2017, the ICF Global Board Chair’s Award was presented to an individual or group in recognition of their work to advance ICF’s mission and vision.

2017 Chair’s Award

2017 ICF Global Board Chair Hilary Oliver, PCC, elected to present the 2017 Chair’s Award to all ICF Members around the globe, in recognition of the work they each do daily to advance the mission and vision of ICF.

Hilary made the announcement during the August 24, 2017, opening session of ICF Converge in Washington, DC, USA. In lieu of a traditional trophy, she shared with Converge attendees a sculpture that was gifted to the ICF Global Board by ICF Poland in March 2017. Converge attendees had the opportunity to take selfies with the sculpture during the event.

As a token of appreciation, ICF Members were mailed a bookmark inspired by the design of the sculpture. Members are encouraged to take selfies of their own with the bookmark and share it on social media using the hashtag #ElevateICF. You can also get a special Facebook profile overlay at

Past Recipients

2016: ICF Bangkok Leadership Team (Thailand)

2015: William Arruda (USA) and Colin McIlheney (United Kingdom)

2014: Kees de Vries, PCC (Netherlands)

2013: ICF Markers Core Team

2012: Dora Hegedüs, ACC (Hungary)

2011: Peter Goryalov and Irina Goryalova (Bulgaria)

2010: Kim Freedman (USA)

2009: Josie McLean, PCC (Australia)

2008: Neil Scotton, ACC (United Kingdom)

2007: Sir John Whitmore (United Kingdom)

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