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Event Calendar

The ICF Event Calendar is your resource to find upcoming education and training opportunities and events, hosted by ICF Chapters, coaching education and training providers, as well as ICF Global.

Event Calendar Relocated

As of March 15, 2022, the Event Calendar has been relocated. If you are looking to attend an event hosted by an ICF Chapter or coaching education provider, please visit the ICF Events Platform.

Contributing to the Event Calendar

ICF Chapters and coaching education or training providers are invited to submit their events to this calendar. The requirements for ICF Chapters are different from those for providers. Based on your affiliation with ICF, please review the appropriate information below for how to submit or create an event.

  • ICF Chapter or Chapter Leader

    The ICF Events Platform is now the hub for events hosted by ICF Chapters.

    ICF Chapter Leaders may create their chapter events in real time using this platform. A detailed user guide is also available to guide this process.

    Creating your chapter’s event on the ICF Events platform does not exempt you from requesting a CCE validation from ICF Coaching Education if any portion of your event is related to ICF Core Competencies. The link to submit your application for CCE approval remains here.

  • ICF Coaching Education or Training Providers

    Providers are invited to submit an event to the calendar that is part of an ICF-accredited Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, AATC, or CCE program, or an event that qualifies as Resource Development (training, writing, research, or self-study outside of the ICF Core Competencies that contributes to the professional development of a coach).

    You may do so the online application. Your event will be posted on the calendar within 10 business days. If you want your event posted on the calendar on multiple dates, you will need to purchase multiple event calendar postings.

    Fee: $100 USD per event.

    Should you need assistance, contact us by visiting the  Support page.

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