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3 Tips for Using Video to Build Your Coaching Business

Posted by Jennifer Santoro | December 3, 2019 | Comments (2)

Prospective clients are inundated with so much information on a daily basis. How can coaches stand out and get their message across in an authentic manner?

A Solution to Consider:

The power of video has become a great tool for building trust and connection. When you can’t be in person, video has proven to be a great next option.

With that said, video can be used to shorten the sales cycle and support you in building your client base.

The coaching field is based off of building authentic relationships; therefore, here are three tips to support you in using video to help build these relationships.

1.) Use Video in Your Follow-up Process

Video activates both the sight and hearing senses, and it facilitates the ability to create a deeper connection faster. In this day and age, it is a challenge to get on a prospective, and even current, client’s radar and schedule. Therefore, using video as a follow-up tool is a strategy that can significantly shorten the sales cycle and facilitate an authentic connection in the process. These videos can be sent to your clients’ preference of communication platform, such as email, messenger sites, text, etc.

Some follow-up video opportunity examples include:

  • Follow up after meeting someone at a networking event
    • This helps to facilitate instantaneously remembering who you are and to connect deeper with your personality
  • Follow up after an introductory phone call/email
    • This is especially helpful in putting a face and voice with the name
  • Follow up with the coaching contract
    • This helps to personalize the experience in an authentic way
  • Sending helpful support information to clients
    • When sending resources to a client, use a video to explain the resource

2.) Create a Video Strategy in Alignment with Your Personality

If you are naturally drawn to posting on social media regularly, then an ongoing touch point may be in using the marketing video features on your chosen social media accounts, such as live and story videos.

If you are not naturally drawn to posting on social media, then it is OK to not force yourself. Energy management is extremely important in building businesses, and there are plenty of highly successful entrepreneurs who do not regularly post to social media. Instead, they have found alternative ways to build business relationships in a way that is authentic to them.

Another option available is in sending individual personalized video messages to potential and current clients. This option can feel much more comfortable and authentic for certain personality types over mass communication video blasts.

There are also very successful entrepreneurs on social media that use video for mass communication. Why does it work so well for them? It’s natural and authentic for them, which makes it very natural to connect with their videos.

In coaching, we focus on supporting our clients to connect with their most authentic selves. Therefore, it is imperative that when we use video as a communication tool, that we use it in a way that is authentic to us.

Your video viewer(s) will connect faster and deeper with your authentic self, versus a video that feels forced.

3.) Always End with a Clear Call to Action

As coaches, we know the power of clarity in action steps. When using video in business development, utilizing this power will make a vast difference in building your client base.

It is not recommended to use video as a tool for the sake of using video. Instead, bring clear intention to using video. Here are some questions to consider before creating and sending a video:

  • What is the purpose of this video?
  • Who is the audience of this video and what tone does this audience prefer to be communicated in?
  • What is the next step in the business development process that is appropriate for my video viewer(s) to take?
  • How long should this video be? Pro Hint: Be clear and concise in your video script.

Once you answer these questions, record your video and end by stating a clear call to action. By clearly stating the next action step to take, the viewer is much more likely to actually take action. This is a technique that will significantly shorten the sales cycle and let you know if someone is serious about working with you.

Clear calls to action include:

  • “Visit my website to learn more about the services I offer.”
  • “Let me know which coaching package you’d like to move forward with.”
  • “Go ahead and book your appointment.”
  • “Since you confirmed our success together, please refer your friends.”

Final Thought

In this day and age, we have the opportunity to use video to communicate our authentic selves and build authentic coaching relationships across the world. Use the power of video in a way that is most authentic to you.

Wishing you great video business development success!

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Jennifer Santoro

Jennifer Santoro has had a private coaching practice for the past seven years. She was so inspired by the impact of using video in business development, that she also became a co-founder of the call-to-action video communication company, Vaetas. Learn more at VAETAS.com. Jennifer received her bachelor's degree in communication and her master's degree in integrated marketing communication, along with her certificate in project management from Florida State University. She became a certified professional coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). Connect directly with Jennifer on LinkedIn.

The views and opinions expressed in guest posts featured on this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The publication of a guest post on the ICF Blog does not equate to an ICF endorsement or guarantee of the products or services provided by the author.

Comments (2)

  1. Eugenia says:

    Me siento identificada como profesional arquitecta y coach en lo que se refiere a la dificultad o bien llamada negacion para presentarme ante las redes. Considero el video una herramienta extraordinariamente efectiva y sé que es cuestión de comenzar a hacerlo sabiendo que cada dia va a ser mucho mejor y más poderoso el mensaje.
    Gracias por la informacion

  2. gold coast wedding photographer says:

    Thanks a lot to you for sharing video to build coaching business here, these kind of ideas are were much needed. I really appreciate that you have provided the data too, really appreciative and useful blog for us. Looking for more!!

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