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Circle of Distinction Honoree: Judy Feld, MCC

Posted by Savannah Patton | November 6, 2018 | Comments (0)

The ICF Circle of Distinction program celebrates the best of the coaching profession and ICF. Circle of Distinction members are experienced coach practitioners who have made their mark on ICF and the coaching profession. This year, ICF inducted the first Circle of Distinction class during the 2018 ICF Midwest Region Coaches Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. In the coming weeks, we will profile each of this year’s honorees here on Coaching World.

Judy Feld, MCC (USA), is a longtime Executive Coach, a former corporate leader, co-founder of the award-winning Executive and Professional Coaching Program at the University of Texas Dallas, and ICF past-president (2003).

“In 1994 I welcomed my first coaching clients. Over the years I have supported my clients and their teams in making a significant positive difference in their professional and personal lives and in introducing a coaching style of leadership into many organizations worldwide,” Judy said.

“My favorite coaching memory was the launch of the UT Dallas Executive and Professional Coaching Program in 2005. I was the co-founder, lead faculty and ACTP training director of the first University-based ICF accredited coach training program,” she said.

Years later, Feld is still an active Executive Coach, mentor coach, speaker, trainer, and board member, and remains connected with some of her early students and calls coaching the best job she’s ever had.

Her advice for new coaches?

“I encourage new coaches to focus on the basics: solid training emphasizing core coaching competencies, a solid understanding of coaching ethics and standards, and a workable marketing plan that minimizes struggle and discomfort. New coaches often think that the fastest road to success as a coach requires them to be all things to all people. I stress the benefits of identifying your unique best-fit niches and specialties (there can be more than one of each) and become a thought leader and go-to coach in those areas. Coaches apply leverage in many ways, with a relatively small amount of effort applied to yield big results and expand the positive impact of coaching” she said.

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Savannah Patton

Savannah Patton is the ICF Communications Assistant and a freelance writer for Kentucky Sports Radio. She graduated in May 2016 from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor's degree in Integrated Strategic Communications with a focus in Public Relations.

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