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International Coach Federation Global Board Elects 2018 Officers

Announcement of Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer concludes annual elections. 

Lexington, Kentucky, USA—The International Coach Federation (ICF) has finalized elections for its 2018 Global Board of Directors with the naming of this year’s Secretary/Treasurer, Jean-François Cousin, MCC (Thailand), and Vice Chair, Sara Smith, MCC (USA).

Supporting 2018 ICF Global Board Chair Tracy Sinclair, PCC (United Kingdom), Smith and Cousin will work with a global leadership team that includes ICF Global Board Directors José Augusto Figueiredo, ACC (Brazil); Rajat Garg, MCC (India); Wai K. Leong, MCC (Malaysia); Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D., MCC (USA) and Valerie Robert, ACC (Switzerland), along with Immediate Past Chair Hilary Oliver, PCC (United Kingdom).

Cousin has been an Executive Coach for more than a decade. A longtime member of ICF Singapore, he has contributed to multiple coaching conferences and actively supported the launch of ICF’s Bangkok Chapter. He served as a Director on the 2017 ICF Global Board.

“I am honored and excited to serve as the Secretary/Treasurer for the 2018 ICF Global Board of Directors. Together with the Board and our global staff, I will strive to deliver increasing value to our members and other stakeholders, while expanding the scope and influence of our organization so that coaching becomes an integral part of a thriving society,” Cousin said.

Smith is CEO and Principal of Smith Leadership LLC. She served as a co-leader for ICF’s Southeast Region and is a past member of the ICF Global Nominating Committee. She served as a Director on the 2017 ICF Global Board.

“I am honored to have been chosen to be a part of the ICF Global leadership team. Members can count on my commitment to their success as well as to the orderly growth of our ICF and increasing the impact of coaching in the world,” Smith said.

Tracy Sinclair was elected 2018 ICF Global Board Chair in November 2017. She joined the ICF Global Board in January 2016 and most recently served as Secretary/Treasurer. She has extensive experience in the field of leadership development and is a past president of ICF United Kingdom. During the election process, the ICF Nominating Committee also slated her to serve a second two-year term as a Global Board Director.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high ethical standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches across a variety of coaching disciplines. ICF is active in representing all facets of the coaching industry, including Executive, Life Vision and Enhancement, Leadership, Relationship, and Career Coaching. Its 29,000-plus members located in more than 135 countries work toward the common goal of enhancing awareness of coaching, upholding the integrity of the profession, and continually educating themselves with the newest research and practices.

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  1. Sharon Coleman says:

    Congratulations Sara and Jean-Francois!

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