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How to Set Up a Home Office

Posted by Lisa Cunningham | July 16, 2018 | Comments (0)

If you are just starting your coaching business, you may find yourself setting up an office within your home. The following considerations can help you set up a space that will work well for you and your clients.

Make a List of Needs for Your Office

What do you need to be successful as a coach and business owner who works from home? Write down everything that comes to mind. This list can make the rest of your choices much easier and set you up for immediate success.

Choose a Room

Now that you’ve created your list, which of the rooms in your house best fits the needs you’ve listed? Does this room have a door? You’ll want a space that offers both privacy and quiet so that you can concentrate and so that your coaching sessions are uninterrupted. If you are conducting in-person coaching sessions out of your home, you’ll also want to consider access to this room from the rest of your house. Will clients have to walk past bedrooms or the kitchen? If so, you may want to close the bedroom doors and keep the kitchen tidy.

You’ll also want to look at the lighting situation in your desired room before setting up. Natural sunlight can be great for your mood and eyes. If you choose a room without natural sunlight, be sure to add appropriate lighting in the right areas of the room to prevent eye strain.

Think about the walls of your room. If you coach via video or in person, your clients will see at least some, if not all, walls. Make sure the visible wall doesn’t look cluttered, as it could be distracting to clients. An easy-to-hang backdrop may work well for video calls.

Think about Technology

Your office space should have the appropriate connections for your technology needs, including enough electrical outlets and potential phone or internet line connections. For those using wireless internet, make sure you get a strong enough signal in your office (with the door closed). You may even want to keep the internet router in your office. A fast, strong connection is especially important if you are running phone and/or video calls over the internet.

Ensure you have enough space for the technology needed, such as your computer and printer. If your printer isn’t all-in-one, you may also need space for a scanner and a fax machine.

Determine Furniture Needs

Consider your furniture. Obviously, you will need a desk. Do you want a regular desk or one that converts to a standing desk? Will you need a desk with a lot of storage space?

You should choose a comfortable chair. If you are meeting with clients in your home, will your desk chair be the same chair you use to coach from or would you rather have separate “meeting furniture”? Your client will also need something to sit on.

Get Organized

As a business owner and as a coach, you’ll most likely have some paper files. Think about where and how you’ll keep these files. These could be kept in your office or in another safe, secure room nearby. You may want to you use filing cabinets or other furniture that locks if you are keeping confidential information, whether it be your clients’ or your own.

And, again, consider whether your storage solution looks cluttered, especially if falls into the potential viewing area of clients. A tidy space can help keep both you and your clients focused.

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Lisa Cunningham

Lisa Cunningham is ICF’s Social Media Specialist, as well as a freelance writer and social media consultant. She holds a master’s degree in professional writing with a focus on web content development from Chatham University and a bachelor’s degree in English writing and communication from the University of Pittsburgh.

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