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Unlocking Education’s Impact

Posted by ICF Foundation | July 30, 2020 | Comments (1)

The depth and breadth of impact is striking in the portfolio of pro bono coaching work conducted by ICF Turkey Chapter Members. Their partnerships with three well-established nonprofit organizations allowed them to support hundreds of educators, students from kindergarten to university level, and their families in provinces and cities across the country. All three partnerships focused on providing sustainable solutions to addressing needs in public education, and this was accomplished by applying coaching to multiple insertion points within the education system in Turkey.

Because of this impactful, comprehensive work, ICF Turkey has been recognized as the 2019 Gift of Coaching Portfolio Winner by the ICF Foundation. The Gift of Coaching Awards program celebrates ICF Chapters with impactful pro bono coaching initiatives that make a difference in their communities and in the world. The Gift of Coaching Awards program represents the mission of the Foundation, intended to leverage the excellent work ICF Chapters are already doing to increase awareness of and better their communities through professional coaching.

The Organizations

The nonprofit organizations involved in this portfolio of work are:

Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (CYDD): A non-government organization (NGO) seeking to generate solutions and public opinion for contemporary living and education. Focusing on the education of young girls, CYDD uses pro bono coaching with the girls’ mothers to impact the whole family and ultimately the community.

Turkish Education Association (TED): Founded in 1928, this NGO is dedicated to the “…education and training of the youth of the country.” TED provides annual university-level scholarships to students who have “financial difficulties” to help create equal opportunities in education. TED hopes to reach 10,000 students by its 100th anniversary in 2028.

Teachers Academy Foundation (ORAV): The first and only NGO in Turkey that focuses on both the personal and professional development of teachers. ORAV offers a continuous stream of new, cost-free training options to educators. The foundation aims to support current educator growth and to foster the spread of professional development to future generations of educators.

The Outcomes

Over the course of three years, more than 100 coaches provided pro bono coaching for these initiatives. The ICF Turkey Chapter worked in tandem with each nonprofit to provide oversight,  ensuring written agreements were obtained, processes were followed, and measurement systems were appropriately launched and put in place.

In each case, the nonprofits conducted self-reported evaluations with the participants of the coaching experiences. Many participants cited that the experience provided them with deeper insights and enhanced their quality of life by helping them to become better listeners and ask better questions.

In particular, coachees from each initiative reported:

  • Being more aware of their potential,
  • Believing in themselves,
  • Realizing their strengths,
  • And being very satisfied with the evolution of their professional and/or personal lives.

Regardless of the unique process and criteria set, the partnerships all had one common purpose: to establish sustainable practices that influence the future of education in Turkey. The long-term benefits for each organization ranged from empowering women in all aspects of life to inspiring recipients of the pro bono initiatives to become coaches with training from ICF-accredited organizations.

You can learn more about about ICF Turkey’s initiative by watching this interview.

ICF Foundation

Established in 2004, the ICF Foundation (one of the International Coaching Federation’s six family organizations) connects and equips professional coaches and organizations to accelerate and amplify impact on social progress through coaching. The ICF Foundation's programs include our Social Impact Pilot Project, ICF Coaches for Good and Ignite: Engaging Humanity Through Education is part of the ICF Foundation’s long-term strategy to advance social progress through coaching by aligning with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. To learn more or to get involved with Ignite, please contact the Foundation’s staff at information@foundationoficf.org  

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