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GCS 2019: Help Us Drive the Future of Coaching

Posted by Emily Wenstrom | November 1, 2019 | Comments (0)

Among the many efforts of this organization, ICF routinely conducts original research studies about the state of the coaching profession. This research sustains and enhances ICF’s stature as the preeminent thought leader in the profession. Further, this extensive research is an invaluable resource for ICF Members.

The survey period for one of these studies, the fourth edition of the Global Coaching Study (GCS), is currently open for responses from members and non-members alike.

GCS seeks to measure the size of the coaching profession around the world in terms of a variety of factors, including number of engaged professionals, workplace coaching activities, industry revenues and more. It also assesses the business and practice of coaching. With input from professional coaches and others who utilize coaching, GCS delivers insights and perspectives on industry trends, including regulation and technology. The knowledge drawn from GCS is used to inform coaching best practices, educate consumers about the value of coaching, and even help earn favorable media coverage not just for the profession and ICF, but also for individual coaches.

All of this means there is a lot to gain from working together to make GCS 2019 as strong as possible. How do we accomplish this? It’s simple: The more survey respondents there are, the more robust the data will be.

The last GCS was conducted in 2015 and released in 2016. There were 15,380 respondents from 137 different countries. This year we hope to draw even more responses, with even more diverse representation around the world.

To accomplish this, we have set a goal for GCS to generate at least 100 responses per participating country. This also applies for certain states or regions in certain countries.

Reaching 100 responses is a meaningful threshold because once that target is met, we have enough data to provide country-specific insights in the 2020 report—an invaluable resource to help you understand the coaching industry where you practice, your coaching peers, and what coaching clients seek in your country.

As we near the December conclusion of the survey response period, you play a vital role in helping us reach this goal. Here’s how you can support GCS 2019:

1. Take the Survey

Have you taken the GCS 2019 survey yet? You can take it online in your choice of nine languages at CoachingSurvey2019.com, and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. If you need to, you can pause the survey, save your responses, and return to complete it later. Every response matters!

2. Leverage Your Network

Once you have taken the survey yourself, spread the word to your professional coach peers, as well as managers and organizational leaders who use coaching methods in their workplace. Both member and non-member responses are important for the survey.

3. Be a Champion

If you are in your ICF Chapter’s leadership, or wish to take on a larger role, talk to your chapter about becoming its GCS Champion (or, if this position is already filled, how to support their efforts).

Being a GCS Champion comes with a toolkit for driving GCS survey participation within your region as well as talking points, email templates, social media graphics, and more to support your outreach throughout your community.

ICF’s Global Coaching Study is among the most ambitious pieces of industry research that has ever been conducted about the coaching industry. By helping us to generate as many responses as possible and reaching 100 responses in as many countries as possible, you help build the future of coaching. We hope you will take the challenge. Help ICF grow our field and help yourself build your practice and our profession.

Thank you in advance for your support! Get started by taking the survey here.

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Emily Wenstrom

Emily Wenstrom has nearly 15 years of experience developing integrated campaign strategies encompassing public relations, content marketing and digital platforming. She organizes teams to implement strategic messaging into media outreach, as well as compelling  communications across written, graphic and video content to inspire and mobilize audiences. Emily is the director of content strategy at Stanton Communications.

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