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Converge 2019 Contest: Send an Additional Chapter Leader to GLF 2020 for Free!

Would you like to send an additional Chapter Leader to the ICF Global Leaders Forum (GLF) 2020? ICF is excited to announce a contest where ten ICF Chapters will receive an additional free sponsorship of a Chapter Leader to attend GLF 2020 which takes place next March in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Here’s how you can win: Achieve the highest percentage of registrations or the highest total registrations for ICF Converge 2019 from your chapter within your region (Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa, and North America).

The percentage will be calculated by the total number of members in your chapter. For example, if there are 100 ICF Members in your chapter and 10 of your affiliated members register for Converge 2019, this will count as 10%.

You must achieve the highest percentage or highest total registered attendees by the start of Converge 2019. In some regions, the lead is very close among several chapters. One or two registrations could make a difference whether your chapter gets to send an additional attendee to GLF.

Here is a current look at those in the lead:

  • ICF Japan and ICF Shanghai
  • ICF Lithuania and ICF United Kingdom
  • ICF Caribbean and ICF Brazil
  • ICF Jordan and ICF South Africa
  • ICF Upstate New York and ICF Metro DC

As ICF Chapters, you can do your part to help ensure success by promoting the event. And you could win the free sponsorship to GLF 2020 in the process!

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