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Get Your Dream Coaching Clients in 3 Steps

Posted by Ajit Nawalkha | June 1, 2020 | Comments (2)

Sometimes getting your dream coaching clients can sound as unachievable as enrolling high-paying clients as a new coach. Lucky for you, both are possible and easier than you’d  expect!

The real secret here is to identify your ICA—ideal client avatar—first. This means you must identify the profile of coaching clients that match your interests and skills so that your results are effective and consistent.

Follow these three simple steps to find the clients that fit your dream profile of individuals; it will lift your spirits and give you the hope needed to achieve success.

Step 1 – Go to the Same Places Your Clients Go To

Become familiar with the places your clients usually go to and the kind of events and workshops they generally attend.

This way, you can meet them in a neutral environment where they feel comfortable, and you can engage with them to get the most positive and natural results.

Meeting with them in these selected places will let you identify the topics they are interested in and have a first glimpse of whether they match your ICA or not.

As a Life Coach, you could be participating in personal growth events and find clients that want to learn techniques on how to grow.

Or maybe you are a Business Coach, so you could participate in mastermind groups around topics of your expertise to approach the attendees who might be interested in your coaching.

Step 2 – Engage in Conversations

Once you’ve identified your potential new clients, you have to find your leverage to stand out from other coaches.

Think of a way to start a conversation without seeming too pushy or needy. You’ll also want to measure the clients’ reactions to determine if they are feeling comfortable or not with the dialogue.

When you approach a new client, you want to be seen as unique, modern and skilled in the topic.

This may sound counterintuitive but avoid mentioning your profession from the start. Why? Because once the client knows you are a coach, they might get excited and interested or the opposite, their guard comes up and they might not share anymore.

Instead, the conversation should begin with ideas that will create curiosity in the client’s mind and discuss a topic that the potential client is interested in. This way, you will get a common ground of interest that will create a bond between both.

Here’s a super effective two-part conversation starter you can try out with potential clients:

  1. Identify a specific problem that the client wants to solve; this will trigger his interest in working with you.
  2. Approach the problem from a different perspective and make it a conversation opener.

Engaging in new conversations might seem like a simple task, but it takes strategy and effort to ensure you have the highest probabilities for conversion.

Step 3 – Create Results and Enroll

The best way to capture someone’s attention and interest to enroll as a client is by getting to know them through conversation, understanding them, and sharing an idea of how to diminish their problems.

The whole purpose of enrolling clients is to identify their needs and guide them to a solution—not for us as coaches to get the results we want for them.

You want to impress the potential client in less than 20-30 minutes. Give them a possible solution and outcome to their problem. They’ll not only stay interested, but they’ll also want to continue the conversation with you. This is the right moment to offer your coaching services and talk about your packages.

If you are a new coach, how can you achieve results in less than 30 minutes?

Learn from the masters. Observe their way to approach potential clients and how the conversation goes and deconstruct the situation. You’ll learn the capabilities needed from you to get the most similar results.

The more you practice and hone your skill, the easier it will be for you to craft great packages and solutions on the spot they can’t say no to.

Now you’re ready to enroll all your dream coaching clients and grow your coaching business like never before. Just make sure you keep organized and don’t sign up with more clients than you can handle. At the end of the day, our purpose is not having the largest number of clients but creating the most transformations.

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Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the co-founder of Evercoach by Mindvalley and Global Grit Institute. He is also the author of Live Big, The Book of Coaching and Business Book of Coaching. Find helpful guides at Learn more about the three-step coaching structure here!

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Comments (2)

  1. I really enjoyed your post. A life coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues.

  2. The benefits of mentoring are beyond belief! I’ve been in the industry for years and I still expand my connections and learn something new everyday with my Lisnic Mentees

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