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Renewing Your Program’s Accreditation

To ensure continuous high standards for coach training, ICF maintains stringent renewal requirements for accredited training programs.

  • ACTP and ACSTH Providers

    ACTP and ACSTH accreditation is renewed through the Incremental Renewal Process.

    The Incremental Renewal Process is a series of six surveys administered biannually (in June and December) during the program’s three-year accreditation cycle.

    To see your program-specific schedule, please refer to the accreditation packet provided to the training organization when the program was initially accredited or renewed.

    Incremental Renewal Surveys are sent to the training organization’s designated contact person via email and must be completed and submitted for review within 60 days. If the survey is not completed and submitted within 60 days, the program’s accreditation will be temporarily suspended. Temporary suspension is administrative and does not affect the program’s accreditation or visibility on the Training Program Search Service.

    In order for the accredited program to remain in good standing with ICF, the tardy survey as well as the next renewal survey in the cycle must be completed. Failure to submit multiple surveys could result in a permanent suspension. Please review the ICF Program Accreditation Code of Conduct for more information on this process.

    Survey Overview

    Information requested on Incremental Renewal Surveys includes:

    • Address for the organization and the program (all surveys)
    • Contact information for the organization’s designated contact person (all surveys)
    • Names and addresses of five (5) program graduates (all surveys)
    • Sample copies of certificates awarded to students (survey 1)
    • Recording of an observed coaching session (ACSTH only; survey 2, survey 4 and final survey)
    • Recording of a performance evaluation that received a passing score (ACTP only; survey 2, survey 4 and final survey)
    • URL for a publicly accessible website with a comprehensive and publicly accessible description of the program being offered (survey 2)
    • Faculty information (survey 3)
    • Number of hours being offered to students currently and information about any changes to the hours being offered to students (survey 4)
    • Acceptance of Program Statements of Compliance and Agreements (Survey 5)
    • Curriculum documents and any other changes to the program over the approval cycle (final survey)
  • Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Providers

    ICF does not offer a renewal process for CCE programs at this time. If the training organization would like to receive accreditation for an existing program, it must reapply through the initial CCE accreditation process by submitting a new application including all required documentation and fees.

If you have questions or need support about Accreditation Renewal, please email

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