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  • Session Descriptions

    Week One: Know

    ICF Converge 2017 OnDemand Recording

    Topic: Personal Branding

    Building a Wildly Successful Coaching Practice

    Presenters: William Arruda and Ora Shtull

    Have you ever wondered why and how some coaches have jam-packed coaching schedules? As a coach, you have the potential to change the world. But if you’re struggling with the business, you’re limiting your potential and squandering the opportunity to expand your impact. Learn the secrets of building a wildly successful practice with Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda and one of New York City’s leading Executive Coaches, Ora Shtull. In this interactive keynote, from ICF Converge 2017, they’ll share what you must do (and not do) to stand out from your peers and attract the attention of your ideal clients.


    Live Webinar

    Topic: Niche

    Discovering Your Niche

    Presenters: Karen Cappello, MCC, Delaney Tosh, PCC, Ora Shtull and David Lamka, PCC

    Spend less time marketing and more time working with your ideal clients by finding your coaching niche. In the first half of this live session, presenter Karen Cappello will describe practical steps you can take to identify and develop your individual coaching niche.

    After learning how to apply these simple processes, you will then hear from three successful coaches about their individual niches.  In a storytelling format, David Lamka, PCC, Ora Shtull, and Delaney Tosh, PCC, will each share their own unique journeys to identifying their coaching niche and how it has led them to the clients they were meant to work with.


    ICF Converge 2017 OnDemand Recording

    Topic: Understanding the Minds and Motivations of Coaching Consumers

    Messages from Across the Generations: Listening to the Coaching Consumer

    Presenter: Colin McIlheney

    The 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study taps into the views of 30,000 adults from 30 countries and provides unprecedented insights into Millennial and Generation Z consumers’ awareness of, and attitudes toward, coaching. In this session, 2018 Business Development Series attendees will be introduced to data-driven consumer personas and explore how demographic factors impact general awareness of coaching, the perceived importance of coaching credentials, receptiveness to coaching and much more.


    Live Webinar

    Topic: Understanding the Minds and Motivations of Coaching Consumers

    Understanding Consumer Preferences that will Help You Develop Your Business

    Presenters: Colin McIlheney and William Arruda

    The on-demand video recording of Messages from Across the Generations will share extremely valuable findings from the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study. Join us live for a fascinating conversation between 2018 BDS host William Arruda and PwC Global Research Director, Colin McIlheney about how this research can be directly applied to growing your business. William and Colin will discuss how to leverage this information to better understand the things that motivate your potential clients. You’ll learn what to say and how to communicate with your ideal clients so your messages resonate with them. Our presenters will also respond to questions throughout the discussion.


    Week Two: Show

    OnDemand Recording

    Topic: Bio Writing

    How to Write a Bio That Connects 2018

    Presenters: Susan Chritton and Marie Zimenoff

    We spend all our time coaching our clients so that they have an amazing story. But what about us? This session will focus on YOU! Branding experts Susan Chritton and Marie Zimenoff will walk you through the process of putting the pieces together to write your bio and help you have what you need to stand out from the crowd. Your bio can be used on LinkedIn, for speaking engagements and more so you can feel confident you are serving as an example and attracting the best clients for you.


    Live Webinar

    Topic: Articulating the Benefits of Coaching/Identifying and Targeting Organizational Decision Makers

    Articulating the Benefits of Coaching

    Presenters: J. Matthew Becker, MCC and Shawna Corden, PCC

    You know coaching works but how do you help your clients see the value it brings? During this session, we will explore how to address the top objections clients often use. Whether you are looking to work with corporations as an external or internal coach or with independent clients, we will explore the best practices for helping your clients see how coaching can truly benefit them. Attendees will receive a detailed template that can be customized to work with their various clients.


    OnDemand Recording

    Topic: ROI

    Measuring the Impact and ROI of Coaching

    Presenter: Nader Bechini

    The 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study revealed that the top two future opportunities in coaching (+65%) for coaching professionals are to increase the awareness of coaching benefits and to report credible data ROI. As the coaching profession continues to grow, the issue of effectiveness and ROI is likely to become more important for coaches. In fact, when it comes to measuring the value of coaching, no metric is more important to top executives than business impact and ROI. ICF-supported studies have indicated that almost all organizations stated they know coaching has been effective, but the evidence to support this is mostly anecdotal.

    In this session you will learn how to show and prove the value and benefits of coaching beyond “changes in behaviors” using ROI Methodology. You will learn how to conduct an ROI study with very little budget and time. One of the myths about ROI is it is expensive and too complex. The reality is that it is a logical process with simple and easy steps with cost saving opportunities along the way. Most coaching professionals have the available resources to make it work. You will also learn how to measure impact data and how to isolate credibly the effects of coaching and convert them to monetary value. Tapping into global case studies examples, this session will ensure that coaching continues to not only be the performance improvement solution of choice, but also one that makes a significant difference in business value.


    Live Webinar

    Topic: LinkedIn Profile

    LinkedIn 101: Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

    Presenter: William Arruda

    LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful tools for building your coaching practice–when you know how to use it. And the first step to maximizing LinkedIn is building an authentic, differentiated and compelling profile. Your profile is your introduction to people who don’t know you; an opportunity to reinforce your brand messages with the people who do; and a way to be visible to people you need to know so you can expand your success. A powerful profile is built with all three of these scenarios in mind. In this session, William shares his proven process for building the perfect profile along with special tips and techniques you won’t learn elsewhere. After attending this session, you’ll have everything you need to make your LinkedIn profile work for you.


    Week Three: Grow

    OnDemand Recording

    Topic: Diversification

    How to Monetize Your Expertise

    Presenter: Dorie Clark

    Many coaches, frustrated with trading time for dollars, have been looking for strategies to build passive income and develop multiple revenue streams. In this session, drawing on her new book Entrepreneurial You, Harvard Business Review author and Duke University Fuqua School of Business adjunct professor Dorie Clark will share detailed strategies for how coaches can earn more by developing new income streams. We’ll discuss topics including how to:

    • Identify which new revenue streams are right for you and your business
    • Determine the right time to launch new products or services
    • Leverage exciting new opportunities, such as paid speaking and online course creation


    Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 3 – 4:30 p.m. (New York)

    Live Webinar

    Topic: Productization

    How to Find Corporate Clients Right in Your Backyard

    Presenter: Jeanine Blackwell

    Imagine what it would feel like to enroll 10, 20 or even 100 clients at a time in your one-to-one practice, group coaching or leveraged online programs? Over $8 BILLION is going to be spent this coming year on coaching, courses and consulting by small, medium, large businesses, nonprofits and associations. There are businesses with big budgets right in your backyard that are looking for your expertise.

    In this session, we will connect with Jeanine Blackwell who works with thousands of coaches and consultants each year in creating and launching profitable online courses and coaching programs. Named in Huffington Post as one of the “Top 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs,” her client base also includes many Fortune 500 companies such as Estee Lauder, American Express, Boeing, Sutter Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

    We will dive into:

    • How you can shift from creating a coaching “job” to building a coaching “business” that generates more revenue without more “you”
    • How to find companies interested in what you do right in your backyard
    • How to identify and get in front of the right decision maker
    • What to say to get the decision maker to see value in what you offer
    • PLUS, Q&A time on your biggest questions including pricing, packaging your offers and putting together proposals that get a “YES”


    OnDemand Recording

    Topic: Working with Video

    Connecting with Video – Look and Feel Confident on YouTube, Facebook, Webinars and Video Calls

    Presenter: Brighton West

    Clients need to know, like and trust their coach—and video is the best way to make that connection in a digital world. Brighton will share his guide to looking fabulous on camera—the perfect first step for those who are thinking about video or even those who are doing it every day, but want to look and present their best. From where to put the camera to what should be in the background – Brighton covers the 90 seconds before you push record or go live. Online video isn’t difficult—but it’s also not intuitive. This 30 minutes will give you the simple steps you need to be confident on camera.


    Live Webinar

    Topic: Develop a Custom LinkedIn Strategy

    Advanced LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Practice

    Presenter: William Arruda

    So you have a LinkedIn profile you’re proud of. Now what? It’s time to know how to use LinkedIn to build and nurture your network, source new clients, build your thought-leadership and expand your practice. In this session, you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn as the hub of your social media engine. You’ll develop your custom strategy for growing your network so you can be visible to LinkedIn members in your target audience. You’ll also learn how to establish yourself as a thought leader and use content marketing to cultivate new clients. William will share his favorite techniques for making LinkedIn your primary business development engine. When you leave the session, you’ll have your unique strategy and a set of specific tactics you can put into action immediately.


    Week Four: Go

    Live Webinar

    Topic: Making Time for your Business

    Make Your Practice Thrive: Turning Your Practice-building Knowledge into Results

    Stever Robbins

    You have learned a lot. How do you make sure you do what it takes to turn it into results? When you work for yourself, you have to juggle every role in your business. You need to do everything from administration to prospecting. And of course, you need to be fully present for your clients. In this session, we will cover how to keep yourself on track for your long-term strategy while also dealing with the day-to-day. We will also cover:

    • making sure you do what you need to do, not just what ends up in front of you
    • keeping your daily actions aligned with your long-term goals
    • insuring nothing falls through the cracks
    • doing several tasks at once—without multitasking

    This will be an interactive session, which we’ll adapt to your needs in real time.


    Live Webinar

    Topic: Wrap-Up/Take Action

    It’s Go-Time! Turn Learning into Action and Action into Results

    Presenter: William Arruda

    BDS was designed to give you the knowledge and advice you need to take your practice to the next level. You’ve learned from experts on a range of topics that are essential to driving results. Knowledge and advice have little value without action. In this final session in the series, William Arruda will recap key learning from all the previous sessions, highlighting the actions that will have the biggest impact on your success. You’ll be able to build your personal 2018 Coach Success Plan, and he’ll help you turn that plan into measurable results. You’ll learn how to use the ‘9-Minute’ technique to move your practice forward with brief, meaningful and regular actions. Don’t miss this session. It gives you what you need to maximize the value of BDS and accelerate the growth and success of your coaching practice.

  • Speaker Bios

    William Arruda (United States)

    A corporate branding veteran and accomplished entrepreneur, William Arruda is the CEO of Reach and a Partner in CareerBlast.TV. He’s a personal branding pioneer who has been credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry. As a thought-leader on personal branding and social media, he has appeared on BBC TV, Discovery and NPR and has been featured in 1,000+ publications. William is the bestselling author of “Ditch. Dare. Do!” and “Career Distinction” and writes a regular column for Forbes. In 2015, he was awarded the ICF Chair’s Award for his contributions to the field of coaching.

    Nader Bechini (Tunisia)

    Nader Bechini has more than 16 years of professional experience in managing performance development projects in 15 countries. He is the partner of ROI Institute in the Middle East & North Africa, the CEO of AIMS International and an ATD facilitator and ICF facilitator/presenter. Nader holds his MSc in Marketing and has professional certifications from ROI Institute, DEI Management Group, MTa Learning, Profile International Academy, ISTD and Association of Coaching. He was also awarded the Best ROI Institute International Implementation in 2015, which honors individuals for their outstanding work in measurement and evaluation, and recognizes exemplary practices in research, design, and implementation of the ROI Methodology. Nader is passionate about assisting business professionals in improving the process of their projects and showing their value. He has conducted ROI impact studies on programs such as leadership, sales, customer service and orientation.

    J. Matthew Becker, MCC (United States)

    J. Matthew Becker, M.Ed., MCC is the Coaching and Mentoring Manager for CareSource, owns Authentic Excellence LLC, and co-leads the ICF’s Internal Coaching Community of Practice. Matt has 18 years of experience in HR Development with a focus on leadership development, coaching, and mentoring. Within CareSource, Matt designed the Leadership Transition Coaching program which provides a coach to new leaders to support their transition into their new role. CareSource was awarded the 2014 Prism Award Honorable Mention by the ICF.

    Jeanine Blackwell (United States)

    Jeanine Blackwell works with thousands of coaches and consultants each year in creating and launching profitable online courses and coaching programs. Her client base also includes Fortune 500 companies all over the world. She is an internationally recognized expert on brain-based learning design, Amazon #1 bestselling author and ranked as one of the Top 40 Business Coaches in the World by Warren Bennis’ Leadership Excellence alongside some of the most admired business thinkers. Featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur and named in Huffington Post as one of the “Top Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs,” Jeanine is an expert resource for finding and serving your ideal clients online.

    Karen Cappello, MCC (United States)

    Karen Cappello, MCC, works with professional coaches to grow their businesses and organizational leaders who want to develop coaching and learning cultures for their teams.

    During Karen’s 30+ years in business, her experiences as a university administrator, president of a semi-conductor manufacturing company and estate planner utilized her natural coaching abilities.

    Karen is the former Chief Learning Officer of International Coach Academy and has trained coaches for six different coach training organizations. Her corporate clients include Accenture, Manpower, Ford and Freeport McMoran.

    In every area of her business and life, Karen’s passion for both the outer and the inner game is evident. With her exuberant style and her commitment to living by her own values, vision and purpose, Karen is a role model for others who want to achieve success with ease and joy.

    Her book, “The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You,” is an Amazon bestseller.

    Susan Chritton (United States)

    Susan Chritton is an Executive Career Coach, Master Personal Brand Strategist, Reach Personal Branding Certification Trainer and author of “Personal Branding for Dummies.” She guides professionals looking to engage their authentic self in the world through personal branding. With her extensive experience in career development, she draws on her ability to identify each individual’s uniqueness and then arrange the variables in his or her life to map out a strategic direction. She facilitates programs in personal branding, strengths-based leadership and career transition. Her clients appreciate her solid grounded approach and trust her guidance through the coaching process.

    Dorie Clark (United States)

    Dorie Clark is an adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and professional speaker. She is the author of the forthcoming Entrepreneurial You (Harvard Business Review Press). Her previous books include Reinventing You and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. Magazine, one of the Top 10 Business Books of the Year by Forbes, and was a Washington Post bestseller. The New York Times has described her as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.”

    A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, she is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and a consultant and speaker for clients such as Google, Yale University, and the World Bank. She is also a producer of a multiple Grammy-winning jazz album. You can download her free Entrepreneurial You self-assessment workbook and learn more at

    Shawna Corden, PCC (United States)

    Shawna Corden is an Executive Coach and owner of Shawna Corden Coaching and Webinars as well as a Faculty Member with Coach U. Her practice is focused on helping companies build a coaching culture. She coaches executives, trains leaders on coaching skills, consults on coaching implementation and mentors internal coaches. She regularly speaks globally to groups on these and other performance enhancing topics. Shawna is the author of “Coach Culture—A Playbook for Winning in Business.” She is also an OSU Alum and holds certifications in Professional Project Management from PMI, and the PCC and PMC from ICF. Shawna resides in Corvallis, Oregon with her husband and has two college-aged girls. Her “Why she does what she does” is rooted in having every employee be an all-star—developing and exercising their gifts. An avid sports fan, she enjoys travel, running races, reading and rooting on the Beavers.

    David Lamka, PCC (Ecuador)

    David graduated with his Master’s Degree in Law in Switzerland and soon after moved to Latin America, where he has worked in various organizations in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. During this time, he worked on numerous projects focused on humanizing the business world and creating spaces for leaders of all sectors to engage in meaningful and transformative dialogue, where he formed himself as an Art of Hosting facilitator. David continued his studies in Ontological coaching and in Transpersonal & Integral Coaching. Currently, David is co-founder of Beyond Be Extraordinary ( and dedicates his life for people to live an empowered and inspirational life. David was vice-president for the ICF Ecuador Chapter and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

    Colin McIlheney (United Kingdom)

    Currently Global Research Director for PwC and adviser to the UK government on the design of the Census, Colin McIlheney has spent more than a decade leading the PwC team which has conducted both the landmark global coaching study and the global consumer awareness research for the ICF. An acknowledged expert on questionnaire design and research in conflict divided societies, he has a career spanning more than 35 years and 250 global research studies, with his first research publication at the age of 24. Colin won the Thouron Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania and was awarded a MSc in Research Methods and Statistics at the Jesus College, Oxford.

    Stever Robbins (United States)

    Stever Robbins is a top-10 iTunes business podcaster on personal productivity, as the host of the Get-It-Done Guy podcast. He has been a co-developer of the Harvard Business School MBA curriculum, a serial entrepreneur and a Master Trainer of neuro-linguistic programming. Stever served as a board member of ICF New England and has been an executive coach for 19 years. He is the author of “Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More” and “It Takes a Lot More Than Attitude…to Lead a Stellar Organization.”

    Ora Shtull (United States)

    Ora is an Executive Coach who helps high-potential executives in Fortune 500 companies enhance their leadership presence. Executives from companies like American Express and LinkedIn who have worked with Ora over the past 20 years are thriving at their jobs, being promoted and making successful transitions. Ora is the author of “The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise” and is a featured speaker at events across the United States. Ora’s newest project is, a micro-learning video platform for busy, ambitious professionals to fuel their careers.

    Delaney Tosh, PCC (Canada)

    Delaney’s sixteen years experience coaching leaders, leadership teams and business owners—supporting them in leadership development, strategic planning, business development and team productivity—has made one thing clear to her—that women continue to come under intense pressure and scrutiny when they take on leadership roles. Frustrated by witnessing brilliant women playing down their differences, playing small and not stepping wholly into their power authentically, Delaney evolved her business to focus on coaching women of vision, women who wish to lead from inspiration, intuition, interrelation and inclusion with confidence and the savvy to navigate the challenges they face.

    Visit for more about Delaney Tosh.

    Brighton West (United States)

    Brighton West is a video-prenuer. He began his video journey making narrative and documentary videos—but he was always behind the camera. Along the way, he learned that being on camera was more influential, beneficial and profitable than being behind it. So he overcame his on-camera jitters and now helps his client turn the camera on themselves. Brighton has built his business by creating YouTube tutorials about using YouTube in business. Through this channel, he’s positioned himself as the expert for coaches, authors and speakers who want to grow their global audience with YouTube. He now helps these subject matter experts avoid his early mistakes and accelerates their journey to success with YouTube.

    Marie Zimenoff (United States)

    As CEO of Career Thought Leaders Consortium and Resume Writing Academy, Marie Zimenoff merges vision and best practice training to elevate the careers industry worldwide. She trains career professionals around the globe in resume writing, career coaching and business development and is a frequent presenter at national conferences. Marie holds a Master of Education in Counseling and Career Development from Colorado State University and numerous resume writing, coaching and branding certifications. Visit and to learn how you can join Marie in changing the world, one career success story at a time.

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