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ICF continues to lead the way in developing a definition and philosophy of coaching and establishing ethical standards among its members. ICF sets professional coaching standards while also giving consumers a venue to file ethics complaints.

Ethics Resources

ICF is guiding the conversation about ethical standards and practices in professional coaching.

ICF Ethics Assist Line

If you have questions about the ICF Code of Ethics, the Ethical Conduct Review Process, the Accreditation Complaint Process, or any ICF Ethics resources, please contact our Ethics and Compliance Department through the ICF Ethics Assist Line ( or +1.859.226.4245).

If you have a compliance-related concern to report, please use this form.  Compliance-related concerns may include, but are not are limited to, false claims of ICF Membership, ICF Credential status or an Organization’s Accreditation status.

Disclaimer of Liability

The ICF Ethics Assist Line is designed and made available only for the limited purpose of assisting individuals with inquiries pertaining to the ICF Code of Ethics. ICF is not able to and will not give those who contact the ICF Ethics Assist Line actionable advice or recommendations outside of whether or not an action or event may constitute a potential violation of the ICF Code of Ethics.

ICF hereby disclaims any and all liability for damages, losses or injuries of any kind or nature arising out of, resulting from, or any way connected to a party’s use of or reliance upon the ICF Ethics Assist Line or any communications or correspondence had with ICF staff as a result of an ethics inquiries. Furthermore, any communication or response received to an inquiry directed to the ICF Ethics Assist Line is not and shall not under any circumstance constitute legal advice or a legal opinion on the part of ICF.

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